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Art Music Awards 2022 nominations are now open

Media Published Tuesday 1 March 2022
Art Music Awards 2022: Call for nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2022 edition of the Art Music Awards.

Members are encouraged to nominate their peers for their achievements, across a range of categories and genres.

Submissions close 23 March 2022, 5pm AEDT.

APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre (AMC) are calling on members to nominate their peers across a range of categories for the 2022 Art Music Awards.

The Art Music Awards are presented each year with the aim to honour the music, the people, and the organisations that make up Australia's diverse and vibrant art music landscape. The awards recognise achievement in the composition, performance, education and presentation of Australian art music (contemporary classical music, contemporary jazz, improvised music, experimental music and sound art).

The Awards process begins with members completing a simple online nomination submission in support of an individual or organisation. Works, events, performances, activities and other music use that may have adapted to pandemic restrictions – eg, by live or digital performance, video/audio broadcast, or commercial release – made available for the first time in 2021 are eligible for nomination.

Last year, Art Music Award-winning composer Liza Lim nominated soprano Deborah Kayser, who went on to win the National Luminary Award for an Individual. She encourages others to do the same.

Statement by Liza Lim:

Aren't we all longing to celebrate the creative brilliance of our art music scene: the performers, composers and those that advocate for musical creativity in all areas—those who make, support, organise and educate!

Let's lift up their names and honour their hard work, resilience, their courage, their community spirit and the power of aesthetic expression in telling the most important stories of our lives, our ways of knowing and feeling and being, our griefs and passions. There are plenty of categories in this year's awards which also accommodate the new ways of doing things in a pandemic.

Please also nominate your heroes for a Luminary Award - they deserve it!

Nominations are open from Tuesday 1 March until Wednesday 23 March, 5PM AEDT. After nominations close, nominees will be notified to complete their submission for finalist consideration, with the awards set to take place in Melbourne in August.

"In my first year with Australian Music Centre, I'm looking forward to celebrating the art music community and all the achievements of Australian composers, performers and organisations, despite the obstacles in their way throughout 2021. I wholeheartedly encourage our artists and members to take a moment to nominate their peers," said recently appointed AMC CEO Catherine Haridy.

Art Music Awards 2022 - Categories

Work of the Year: Choral
Work of the Year: Chamber Music
Work of the Year: Large Ensemble
Work of the Year: Dramatic
Work of the Year: Electroacoustic / Sound Art
Work of the Year: Jazz

Performance of the Year: Notated Composition
Performance of the Year: Jazz / Improvised Music
Award for Excellence in Music Education
Award for Excellence in a Regional Area
Award for Excellence in Experimental Music

Luminary Awards – National (Individual)
Luminary Awards – National (Organisation)
Luminary Awards – State/Territory Awards*
*Nominate a person/organisation in your state or territory of residence.

For more details, please consult the Rules of Nomination and Guidelines.


STEP 1: To nominate you need to be either:

  • A member of APRA AMCOS (composer, author, songwriter or publisher member)
  • A financial member of the Australian Music Centre (you can join here)

STEP 2: Provide essential information (category, name of nominee, etc.)

STEP 3: Write a short paragraph on why you’re nominating


Please note that you cannot self-nominate in any category.