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Art Music Awards 2024 nominations are open

Media Published Wednesday 7 February 2024

Nominations have closed for the 2024 Art Music Awards

Members are encouraged to nominate their peers for their achievements, across a range of categories and genres.

Submissions close 6 March 2024, 5pm AEDT.

Call out to APRA AMCOS and Australian Music Centre (AMC) members! Nominate your peers, musical heroes, and new favourite works for the 2024 Art Music Awards. It takes just a few minutes.

APRA AMCOS and the AMC are calling on members to nominate outstanding art music creators, leaders, works and performances for the 2024 Art Music Awards.

The Art Music Awards celebrates the music, people, and organisations that propel the dynamic art music landscape in Australia. Presented annually, the Awards recognise outstanding achievement in the composition, performance, education, and presentation of art music across contemporary classical music, jazz, improvised music, experimental music, and sound art.

The Awards are judged on nominations received from a broad community of creators and audience members. APRA AMCOS and AMC members are invited to submit an online nomination at in support of an individual or organisation for their compelling contributions to Australian art music.

Nominating only takes a matter of minutes and is easy to complete online. To nominate, simply put forward the person, organisation or project that stood out in 2023.

Works, performances, events, and other projects from the past year are eligible to be nominated for a gong across 11 categories. The presentation of music through digital means (such as digital performance, broadcast, or digital commercial release) are also eligible.

In addition, the Art Music Awards recognise Luminaries: individuals and organisations who have demonstrated sustained impact nationally and within each state. Excellence in Music Education and Excellence in a Regional Area are also key categories recognising the role of music in learning and engagement, and in underrepresented communities.

Multi-year finalist and nominator of a winning work at the 2023 Art Music Awards, composer Joseph Twist says, “Collaboration is my favourite part of composing, but in truth much of our work involves many long hours alone. The Art Music Awards are a wonderful celebration and recognition from our peers that those long hours alone are totally worth it, totally appreciated, and it helps us to keep going on our journey to tell our stories through music.”

CEO of the AMC, Catherine Haridy added, “We are continually delighted and inspired by the high quality of music and the innovative new sounds and languages emerging from Australian art music. We wholly encourage the community to nominate their picks for the 2024 Art Music Awards so we can all celebrate the breadth of excellence in Australian music.”

The Art Music Awards will take place in Melbourne in August 2024. Event details will be announced soon.

Nominations close at 5pm (AEDT) on Wednesday 6 March

Art Music Awards 2024 – Categories

Work of the Year: Choral
Work of the Year: Chamber Music
Work of the Year: Large Ensemble
Work of the Year: Dramatic
Work of the Year: Electroacoustic / Sound Art
Work of the Year: Jazz

Performance of the Year: Notated Composition
Performance of the Year: Jazz/Improvised Music

Award for Excellence in Music Education
Award for Excellence in a Regional Area
Award for Excellence in Experimental Practice

Luminary Awards – National (Individual)
Luminary Awards – National (Organisation)
Luminary Awards – State/Territory Awards*
*Nominate a person/organisation in your state or territory of residence.

For more information, please consult the Rules and Guidelines.


Step 1: To nominate, you must be either:

  • A member of APRA AMCOS (composer, author, songwriter, or publisher member)
  • A financial member of the Australian Music Centre (sign up online here)

Step 2: Go to and enter essential nomination information (category, name of nominee, etc)

Step 3: Write a short paragraph on why you’re nominating.

Please note: you cannot self-nominate in any category.