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Get to know Sophie Payten (Gordi), our newest ambassador

Story Published Thursday 24 September 2020
In this video, our new ambassador, Gordi talks about songwriting, community and copyright.

Gordi released her second album Our Two Skins in late June

Since the pandemic hit, she has been using her medical background to work in hospitals in Victoria

We are proud to announce Gordi as our newest APRA AMCOS Ambassador

We're so pleased to announce singer-songwriter Sophie Payten, who performs as Gordi, as our newest APRA AMCOS Ambassador.

Sophie released her critically-acclaimed second album Our Two Skins in late June. Leading up the release, her year of worldwide touring that had been plotted around the LP evaporated and Sophie made the decision to return to medicine. Recently, she's been helping out wherever needed in Victoria's hospitals, an experience she spoke about with the BBC.

But, just before she clocked in at the hospital, she accompanied APRA Board Chair Jenny Morris to Canberra to deliver a speech at the National Press Club on supporting Australia to become a net exporter of music.

A doctor, a gifted collaborator, songwriter and performer, and, now we are proud to appoint her as an Ambassador.

Get to know Sophie a bit better with her video and the short Q & A below.

Describe yourself in three words:

If you weren’t a singer-songwriter or a medical doctor, what would you be doing?
I’d be in a career not so affected by the pandemic.

What is a song everyone should stop and listen to right now.
'Edithvale' by Bec Sykes

What is your favourite lyric that you’ve written?
I have these moments when I panic, when I shut down and go manic, so eruptive and disruptive like within I am volcanic.

How have your varied musical collaborations influenced your songwriting?

Every time I write or make music with someone new, I learn something. Everyone writes songs differently and a new perspective can be incredibly illuminating.

We have spoken before about the importance of having a musical community. How are you keeping your community close during the pandemic?

I think for the first time we’re all very much praising social media. Chats and songwriting sessions via Zoom, swapping stems and ideas over the internet - we’re using any means we have at our disposal to maintain our creative output.

What is one thing you wish someone had told you when you were starting out in the music industry?

Take your time in finding your identity, it won’t come straight away. Surround yourself with people who believe in your ability and vision and trust you to execute it.

Copyright is meaningful to me because…

it is invaluable. As a songwriter my copyright is my identity. My copyright is my history, it tells the story of where I come from and who I am. My copyright is something I’m very proud of.

I am an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because…

I believe in the rights of the writer.

Bec Sykes - Edithvale

Gordi - Volcanic