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Live streaming Dramatic Context performances under COVID-19 lock down

Story Published Friday 27 March 2020

As at 27 March 2020 (this advice is subject to change)

The COVID-19 lock-down is having a huge effect on business and everyday life. We do not want to be a roadblock to keeping the economy moving where it can.

This position represents a huge concession and we will need to review this daily as the COVID-19 situation develops. The rates APRA AMCOS sets for the use of music online are (generally) higher than rates we set for traditional use of music because there are additional rights in online use and there are different business models at play.

We reserve the right to review each request on its individual circumstances.

We do not necessarily control all the relevant rights that your business may require.

The following advice ONLY relates to live streaming of performances licensed under an APRA AMCOS Dramatic Context licence.

It DOES NOT apply to pre-recorded performances a licensee makes available online.

It DOES NOT apply to the use of sound recordings (the recording of the song such as backing tracks).

APRA AMCOS is able to extend the existing Dramatic Context licences we grant (for the works we represent) within performances already on contracts with us.

This is a temporary, emergency-based decision and is NOT a precedent for future use.

The following conditions strictly apply:

  • This extension of licensing only applies to Dramatic Context performances already scheduled to take place before 30 June 2020;
  • The Dramatic Context live stream performance must only be available to people who had purchased a ticket for the original live performance;
  • The Dramatic Context live stream performance must be geo-blocked to Australia.
  • The Dramatic Context live stream performance is only available for the same period as the originally scheduled season of the Dramatic Context live performance.
  • Licences for sound recordings in the Dramatic Context live stream performance will need to be referred to the PPCA/record labels.
  • Saving (archiving) Dramatic Context live stream performance to be viewed later IS NOT permitted under this licence under any circumstances on any platform.

For more information please contact [email protected]