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Publisher Portal: audio upload is here (goodbye, OPUS)

Story Published Thursday 20 May 2021

The audio upload tool is now available in the new Publisher Portal.

Option to upload audio is on the Work Detail pages; accessed through Work Search.

This feature is for works used in TV or radio advertisements.

Good news, Publishers! The new upload audio function is now live in the new Publisher Portal. With that upgrade complete, we bid farewell to the uploader known as OPUS.

Publishers and their team no longer need to log into the old Publisher Portal to access the stand-alone OPUS feature, as it is now integrated into the Work Details section, which can be accessed via the new and improved Work Search.

Audio uploaded previously via OPUS is attached to the Work Details, no re-uploading is required.

How does it work?

If you are already a user of the new Publisher Portal, you will see the Work Search tab when you log in and you can begin your search or query.

On the Work Details record, there is an option to upload audio for music being used in a TV or radio advertisement. For a work that a publisher is a party in, this is where you upload any music used in an ad: commissioned jingle, general commercially-released track or production music.

Just upload the file directly from the Work Details screen.

Who can upload?

Portal users with 'Register' permission will be able to use the uploader. This level of access is new to the Portal.

A Publisher member's Team Admin has Register permission automatically and can assign their OPUS users with Register access for them to utilise this new feature.

If you are a Publisher member and have any questions or need assistance with accessing the Publisher Portal, please contact the Publisher Relations & Repertoire team.