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Songwriting 101: Songwriters' tips and advice on writing a track

Tip Published Thursday 18 November 2021
Songwriting tips from Bobby Alu & Thomas Busby, Liyah Knigh, Garrett Kato, Sahara Beck and Lemaire

APRA AMCOS chatted to some of our wonderful members, discussing their songwriting tips.

Six songwriters walk us through their creative processes and share their tips and experience with songwriting and collaborations. Hear from:

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Bobby Alu & Thomas Busby

- If you have writer's block, call a friend and get some advice, or even just power through.

- When collaborating with someone, don't overthink things. Don't be afraid to go for it and bring your ideas to the table.

- When you're starting out, practice makes perfect! Just keep writing songs over and over and you'll eventually hit on something good.

Liyah Knight

- Try not to go into a collaboration session with any preconceived ideas about how things will go. Be there to serve the song and be open to ideas.

- Be honest in your songwriting, and be accessible to others so that you can share in your song's essence.

- Be open to creating anything!

Garrett Kato

- When collaborating or co-writing with someone, put your ego aside and try to understand where they're coming from.

- Listen to your fellow songwriters and don't shut them down! Keep away from negative attitudes and stay productive with a positive vibe.

Sahara Beck

- Getting started on writing a song is always the hardest part. It can be difficult to get into the right headspace.

- Sometimes its best to just sit with an idea until something comes - something will always come!


- Just keep writing songs - the more the better! The overall quality of the songs will get better the more that you write.

- It's always really hard to get started and bring the first ideas to the table. Depending on the type of music you write, its also difficult to get all the lyrics together.