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Tips from The Push: how to finish a track

Tip Published Wednesday 12 May 2021

The Push's Song Writing Sessions is an online coaching program open to Australian songwriters aged 14-25.

Apply by midday Wednesday 19 May for a 1-on-1 mentoring opportunity.

Mentors Dallas Woods, Tia Gostelow and Cry Club's Jono Tooke share tips on how to finish a track.

We are proud to support The Push's Song Writing Sessions – an online coaching program aimed at supporting young Australian music makers in the early stages of their career.

The Push’s Song Writing Sessions program pairs established hitmakers with young and emerging creatives to help develop song writing skills and provide an opportunity for participants to workshop one of their own original songs.

As a participant, young song writers will receive direct support from one of this year’s artist mentors, who include: Courtney Barnett, Dallas Woods, Sampa Tembo (aka Sampa The Great), Tia Gostelow, Sasha McLeod (Sycco), Booka Nile (Make Them Suffer / Internet Friends), Eamon Sandwith (The Chats) and Jono Tooke (Cry Club).

If you're between those ages and writing songs, you should definitely apply. In the meantime, we asked mentors Dallas Woods, Tia Gostelow and Jono Tooke for their tips on the elusive task of finishing a track.

Tia Gostelow

Is there a typical point in the song writing process when it becomes hard to finish a track?

For me I mostly struggle when I get to the lyrics! I find that the most challenging to get on a roll with but I find that brainstorming with other writers or even jumping on RhymeZone can really give me the little push I need to spark an idea!

Are there any production tools or tricks you use to help you when you are stuck?

Like I said before, RhymeZone is my best friend haha! But I have also been highlighting phrases and words I find in books that really stand out to me and I can refer to it to help with lyrics and inspiration. Splice is also a great thing to use, especially for me because I am in no way great with using logic or producing so it’s awesome to get drum loops etc. to record a decent demo!

How can having too many ideas get in the way of finishing a track?

It can be overwhelming if you’re trying to put too many ideas down at once, so I think just working on one aspect of the song at a time is the way to go. If I feel too overwhelmed, it can make me want to just give up on the song so it’s good to just take your time and not stress yourself out over it!

Does sharing your work-in-progress help and what kind of feedback should someone ask for?

I really thrive in a co-writing environment so if I have an idea I’m stuck with, I love taking it to someone else because you end up with something completely different and exciting to what you probably would have come up with on your own! I think just asking for honest opinions from people you trust and taking it on board with an open mind is the best thing you can do!

Why should the emerging songwriters out there apply to be part of The Push’s Song Writing Sessions?

It’s just such an incredible opportunity that’s on offer and you’d be crazy not to apply! What an awesome way to learn about song writing and improve your skills with some of Australia’s best writers! If this was around when I was first starting out, I would have been all over it!