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Virtual First Nations Suite June

Media Published Thursday 17 June 2021
L-R: Amara Primero, Narayana Johnson (River Boy), Pip Norman

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music creators are invited to:

Submit an Expression of Interest for one of two virtual '3-2-1' (3 hours, 2 writers, 1 song) co-writing sessions with Narayana Johnson (River Boy) (closes 23 June)

RSVP to the Composer Masterclass with screen composer Amara Primero (24 June)

RSVP to the Production Masterclass with songwriter/producer Pip Norman (25 June)

The monthly Virtual First Nations Suite for June, presented by the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office (NATSIMO), features the final two online Masterclasses in the inaugural series for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music creators. Screen composer Amara Primero will present a masterclass on scoring for TV, and producer/songwriter Pip Norman will unpack the art of co-writing.

The two collaborative 3-2-1 Sessions (3 hours, two songwriters, 1 song) will continue on a monthly basis matching a curator to work on a song virtually with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander APRA AMCOS members, with Narayana Johnson (River Boy) taking on the curator role in July.

The Suite's purpose was to build upon existing knowledge, enhance skills and offer creative opportunities in Production, Composition and Co-writing at a time when many members' professional plans have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and event cancellations. The monthly Masterclasses will wrap in June, but will return in the future.

"We created the Virtual First Nations Suite to encourage creativity, connection and the opportunity to learn from top composers, producers, songwriters and artists from an array of disciplines. While it's been a difficult time for so many music creators in our community, the Virtual First Nations Suite brought members together from all over for in-depth sessions on composing for the screen, arranging, DIY recording, mixing and mastering, electronic music production and so much more," said Leah Flanagan, Director, NATSIMO.

"Thanks to the positive feedback and participation from our members, the NATSIMO will continue to deliver high-quality Masterclass programming a little further down the track, with the aim to provide both virtual and in-person sessions."

Award-winning screen composer Amara Primero will present her TV Underscore Music masterclass, which explores the various ways music gets placed and edited for the screen, other than traditional "scoring". Primero is the Founder/Director of Primechord Production Music, which supplies music for shows including Bondi Rescue, Sydney Harbour Force and Amazon's Making the Cut.

Songwriter and producer Pip Norman will dive into the process of co-writing in his Music Creation and Collaboration masterclass, covering topics including setting up sessions, communication tips, and the philosophy around collaboration. His producer credits include work with Troye Sivan, Jarryd James, Dan Sultan, Baker Boy, Missy Higgins, to name a few.

These opportunities are open to all APRA AMCOS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, with Masterclass sessions aimed specifically at those with some experience in composition and/or music production. RSVPs and Expressions of Interests now being accepted.

Virtual First Nations Suite is accessible from anywhere - all that is required to attend is intermediate knowledge, a keen interest in the topic and a reasonable internet connection.

Composer Masterclass with Amara Primero

TV Underscore Music

In our June Composer Masterclass, TV Underscore Music, we will explore the various ways music gets placed and edited in to music for screen, other than traditional "scoring". This Masterclass will also look at best practices when composing a cue with the intention of it being used as a sync placement.

RSVP Required