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Virtual First Nations Suite: Production Masterclass with Magoo, session 2

Event Published Thursday 18 March 2021
February's First Nations Suite: Production Masterclass will be hosted by Magoo.

Microphones and Recording Vocals

The NATSIMO are delivering a series of monthly Production Masterclasses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members as part of our 'Virtual First Nations Suite' programming.

This series is suitable if you have an intermediate knowledge of composition that you want to expand on.

In this month's Production Masterclass, award winning recording engineer, producer and mixer Magoo will discuss how microphones work and how to get the most out of them.

Magoo will discuss techniques that have worked for him on how to get the most of a vocalist for the performance and the song. He’ll also share some psychological tricks that have worked for him to enable a vocalist to be in the best headspace possible for performance.

Event details:

This Masterclass will be held via Zoom. You will need a decent internet connection and a Zoom account to participate.

RSVP on the link below to attend and share with us a bit more about what you would like to learn.

If you missed Magoo’s February Masterclass on Remote Recording and would like to get caught up, drop us a line on [email protected].