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Music grants

Get funding for your projects or organisations that broadly benefit many Australian songwriters and composers.

Selection criteria

To be successful, applicants must demonstrate how your project or organisation will benefit Australian songwriters and composers. Our aim is to provide a funding contribution to projects that will help our members to:

  • Develop songwriting or composition skills
  • Receive public recognition for their songwriting and composing talent (e.g. awards or other forms of acclaim)
  • Collaborate and co-write new songs or compositions
  • Showcase their talent to a wider audience
  • Further develop their music career by learning about the music industry

Remember that we are looking to support Australian songwriters and compositions rather than recordings or recording artists, touring costs or creative development projects that primarily benefit individual members.

Preference will be given to:

  • Projects or organisations that broadly benefit Australian songwriters and composers rather than an individual writer or a small number of writers
  • Applicants who can demonstrate a proven ability to plan and execute projects, or establish and maintain organisations that benefit Australian music
  • Organisations or projects which are non-profit in nature (although commercial projects are not excluded from eligibility)
  • Applications that demonstrate sponsorship or other financial contributions from third parties to the project or organisation. APRA Music Grants are not intended to fund your entire project
  • Applications that provide required budget information and support material.

You are not eligible to apply if you have failed to acquit or meet the requirements of a grant received in a previous round.

Applications will be reviewed and determined by the Board Awards and Music Grants Committee and approved by the APRA Board.

Read the full terms and conditions to learn more and get more tips for a successful application.

What we don't fund

Individuals or bands looking to write, record or tour

Check out our Professional Development Awards, and the Josh Pyke Partnership if you’re looking for funding to support your personal development. It’s also worth investigating funding opportunities for individual and band projects through local, state and federal government programs.

Recording projects

As an organisation focused on the creation of music, we prefer to invest in projects that emphasise the songwriting or composition process of a song, rather than the recording aspect.

Commissioning of new works

Funding for the composition of commissioned works available through the Art Music Fund.

As we do not assign rights for these performance types, we do not fund them through the Music Grants program.

Competitions or music sharing/download sites without legal terms and conditions

To ensure that our members’ rights and interests are protected and not infringed, we insist that terms and conditions are provided for projects featuring competitions. These will undergo a review by our legal team to ensure they do not contradict our assignment of rights.

We also need to ensure that any music sharing/ download websites comply with licensing obligations, and do not detract from the rights of music creators or users.

Projects we supported in 2020/21

Due to the impact of COVID-19 we reviewed our Cultural Fund and revised our music grants application process for 2020-21.

While it's important to note that the funding pool was reduced from previous rounds, our commitment to the organisations that create, curate, present, organise, guide and produce the initiatives and projects that support our members is stronger than ever.

For 2020-21, successful applicants received funding in the following categories:

  • Initiatives ($5,000)
  • Projects ($10,000)
  • Core (varied by organisation's needs)

Initiatives and Projects

  • 2SER - In Conversation (presented by Groovescooter)
  • 4Elements Sydney Advanced Music Program (Vyva Entertainment)
  • A Song Like Alice songwriting workshops (8CCC Community Radio Inc)
  • Academy and APRA Song of the Year (Country Music Association of Australia Inc)
  • Annual Song and Tune and Youth Awards (Cygnet Folk Festival)
  • Australian Music Prize
  • Australian Songwriting Conference
  • Barkly Regional Arts
  • BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Centre)
  • Big Sky Girls (SugarRush Music)
  • Bluesfest Busking Competition
  • Boyup Brook Country Music Festival (Country Music Club of Boyup Brook WA Inc)
  • Common Good
  • Community Radio Network (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia)
  • Forward Future Award (Creative Original Music Adelaide)
  • Emily Burrows Award
  • FBi Radio 2020 SMAC Awards - Reimagined: Celebrating Creativity in Covid
  • Free Broadcast Incorporated
  • International Achievement Award (Fiji Performing Right Association)
  • Hatched Academy & Hatched Home Academy (Ensemble Offspring)
  • Hilltop Hoods Initiative
  • I Heart Songwriting Club
  • Indie-Con (AIR)
  • Intergenerational Program (Melbourne Jazz Co-operative)
  • Josh Pyke Partnership
  • The Lighthouse Award
  • Liquid Architecture
  • LISTEN Conference
  • Macquarie University Artist in Residence - Contemporary Music
  • Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio
  • Melbourne International Jazz Festival
  • Music in Exile Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Levels electronic music workshops (MusicNSW)
  • National Indigenous Music Awards (MusicNT)
  • Ngarra Burria: First Peoples Composers (Moogahlin Performing Arts Inc)
  • The Push Inc Song Writing Sessions
  • Redlands Trail (Queensland Music Festival)
  • The Secret Garden Songwriter Series (Happy Yess Community Arts Inc.)
  • St Kilda Film Festival
  • Stage of Change (Musicians Making A Difference)
  • Sydney Blues Society
  • Take Note - Gender Equity & Artist Development Initiative (Melbourne International Jazz Festival)
  • Talent Development Project
  • Tura New Music
  • Unpacked Women and Non-binary Song-writing and Production Showcase
  • WAMFest 2020
  • Wild Mountains Songs
  • Workshop in the Mountains (Songsalive! Australia)
  • Workshop Program (MusicSA)
  • Young Women's Jazz Intensive Pilot Program (Free Play Improvisation Workshops) (Sydney Improvised Music
  • Association)
  • YoWo Music Band Program

Key music organisations that support our members

  • Arts Law Centre of Australia
  • Association of Artist Managers
  • Australian Children's Music Foundation
  • Australian Guild of Screen Composers
  • Australian Songwriters Association Inc
  • Green Music Australia
  • Music ACT
  • Music Tasmania
  • Music Victoria
  • MusicNSW
  • MusicNT
  • MusicSA
  • QMusic
  • WAM