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Music grants

Funding for organisations that broadly benefit many Australian songwriters and composers.

Music grants program changes

The impact of COVID-19 across the music industry continues to be immense. APRA AMCOS is not immune to this. The APRA AMCOS Membership and Awards Board Committee conducted an extensive review of our cultural fund activities for the 2021/2022 financial year. This is consistent with other reviews throughout the organisation since the onset of the pandemic to reflect our commitment to our songwriter, composer and publisher members.

Following this extensive and carefully considered review we are not offering the ‘Projects’ and ‘Initiatives’ strands of our music grants funding this year. This decision is certainly not a reflection of the value or impact of your organisation – particularly for those organisations we had previously funded - but due to the limited funding available this year.

We apologise for the delay in this announcement. The uncertainty of the pandemic meant that timeframes around future projects were necessarily adjusted.

Given the importance of the cultural fund, including music grants, to our membership and the sector more broadly, these programs will be re-evaluated ahead of next financial year, in line with projected revenue and with a view to regeneration