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Music grants

Get funding for your projects or organisations that broadly benefit many Australian songwriters and composers.

What we don't fund

Individuals or bands looking to write, record or tour

Check out our Professional Development Awards, and the Josh Pyke Partnership if you’re looking for funding to support your personal development. It’s also worth investigating funding opportunities for individual and band projects through local, state and federal government programs.

Recording projects

As an organisation focused on the creation of music, we prefer to invest in projects that emphasise the songwriting or composition process of a song, rather than the recording aspect.

Commissioning of new works

Funding for the composition of commissioned works available through the Art Music Fund.

As we do not assign rights for these performance types, we do not fund them through the Music Grants program.

Competitions or music sharing/download sites without legal terms and conditions

To ensure that our members’ rights and interests are protected and not infringed, we insist that terms and conditions are provided for projects featuring competitions. These will undergo a review by our legal team to ensure they do not contradict our assignment of rights.

We also need to ensure that any music sharing/ download websites comply with licensing obligations, and do not detract from the rights of music creators or users.