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Content Page Demo

Here is a hero with no image. With no image, the hero renders with less height than with an image.

Demo page overview

This page demos a majority of the Epic 2 features. Here is the rich text component for example. You'll see the breadcrumbs appear here, as I've placed this page a couple of levels down in the pages structure menu in the CMS. The breadcrumbs can be disabled using the toggle in the Navigation tab of the page editor.

"This is a quote style sentence this is a quote style sentence this is a quote style sentence this is a quote style sentence"

Below is HR line break

You can also now add buttons in to the rich text editor. This is necessary for the Epic 3 content within News & Events entries...

Some link

Hero options

You can use the Hero tab in the page editor to add hero content. An assigned image will trigger the Image Hero view, without an image will trigger the no-image version.

Text component

This part of the page is served with the Text component. These components sit in the 'Article' width grid. Within this text component you can add the following:

  • Headings and text
  • Bold and italic body text
  • Ordered & unordered lists
  • Images*
  • Video embed*
  • Playlist embed (shown below)

*Note that images and videos can be added with Media Text and Media Text Stacked Components, which offer more control, outlined on this page.

You can add any embeddable playlist element in the rich text editor by using the Widget component. Simply click the button and paste in the embed code.