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Cue Sheets

What is a cue sheet?

A Cue Sheet is a record of all songs and compositions used in a film, television, streaming or video game production.

The APRA AMCOS Cue Sheet Portal and Cue Sheet template have been created to comply with the CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) Cue Sheet best practices guidelines. This is a global standard developed in conjunction with the ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) with the aim of assisting people who create and use Cue Sheets in providing all relevant and useful information for the identification of the musical works and the correct distribution of rights generated by audio visual productions.

Find out how to access the Cue Sheet Portal.

How Does APRA AMCOS Use Cue Sheets?


We license a broadcaster, streaming service or video game company.


They submit data to us reporting all programs they have broadcast or made available for streaming or purchase.


We match that data to Cue Sheets in our database, the Cue Sheets you have helped submit.


We calculate royalties according to our distribution rules and practices.


We pay royalties to our members and overseas affiliated societies.

What Are Video Game Cue Sheets?

A Video Game Cue Sheet is a list of all musical works that appears in a video game release.

The works listed in a video game Cue Sheet should include any works that are specifically commissioned, atmospheric or commercially available separate from the game, and works that are used as background, featured and theme usage.

Key Terms

Production Types:

Episode from a Series – A connected set of productions/episodes that run under the same series title.

Sports – Non-fiction productions broadcasting or reporting on sporting events.

Film – A production that is a standalone production or film.

One-off/Special – One-off productions that are not already included in another production type.

Standard Music – An episodic production that runs regularly and uses the same music in each episode (e.g., A news programme that runs 5 days a week).

Informercial – An extended TV commercial, educational demonstration, interview etc.

Trailer – A promotional advertising device for a film or television production.

Video Game – Interactive software that is used for entertainment, role playing and simulation.

Music Sources:

Commercial Recording – A musical works which existed prior to commission of the production. E.g. A commercially released pop song.

Production Music (Library) – A musical work and a sound recording, the rights for which are bundled together for licensed synchronization or dubbing into productions.

Commissioned – A musical work written specifically for a production.

Commissioned (Song) – A musical work written specifically for a production that is released commercially.

Unspecified – A musical work of unspecified music source.

Music Usage Types:

Background – Music used in film or television, which makes up all or part of the overall sound score.

Featured/Visual – Music used in film or television which is audible to the characters on screen and the audience.

Opening Theme and Closing Theme – Music which runs under the opening or closing credits of a film or TV show.

Logo – Music which runs under the logo for a production company or broadcaster.

Sound Effect – A sound other than speech or music made for use in the production.

Live Performance – A live performance played during a production.

Recap – A summary of information from previous productions to bring the viewer up to speed.