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Careers at APRA AMCOS

We're here for the music.

Working in harmony

Our values keep everyone reading from the same score to maintain an organisation that's a hit with everyone who works for and with us.


Diversity is vital. Whether our opinions, views, talents or skills complement or contrast, we collaborate with those who share our purpose and passion.


Our respect for music runs deep. It keeps us transparent, open, and honest. We’re working towards a future where everyone respects music for both its emotional and financial value.


We combine talent, knowledge and intuition with a commercial sensibility. We do what no one else can: copyright can be complex, yet we make it simple.


We don’t just admire imagination, we use it within our business every day: it makes life interesting. Imagination + action = innovation.

Staff spotlight

Gillian Dunn - Senior Manager, Culture & Engagement

Years worked at APRA AMCOS:

19 years

What do you love most about APRA AMCOS?

The amazing people I get to collaborate with on a daily. Working with them to support music creators to do what they love, which is make music. The strong sense of APRA AMCOS’s people first approach is aligned with my heart and personal values.

What makes you happy at work?

Using my skills to achieve goals and outcomes that brings value and assistance to those I work with and the communities we represent. My hope that the work we do collectively at APRA AMCOS helps to make a difference in our members careers and lives. While I’m not a musician myself, I love that I still get to support that creative community of music makers to keep putting music out into the world – this gives me much joy as music is a life source!

How has APRA AMCOS shaped your career?

I’ve been provided many opportunities to develop and grow both professionally and personally during my time at APRA. I’ve worked in many varied roles over the years learning the business operationally, which has allowed me to thrive in a role supporting our Publisher members and their writers. I’ve always been supported and challenged to push myself out of my comfort zone which has been rewarding. I’m excited for my next chapter in the business working with my colleagues as Senior Manager, Culture & Engagement to keep championing representation, respect and safety which key pillars of our organisational culture.

What was your main reason for wanting to join APRA AMCOS?

To work with music and the people that create and enjoy it.

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This playlist was brought to you by Michelle Grigg - Administration Assistant OneMusic NZ

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Get to know Michelle

Describe your role at APRA AMCOS in one sentence:
I’m part of the OneMusic NZ client services team. I do a variety of administration tasks within the department, as well as administering and managing the NZ compliance program.

What is your favourite song on your playlist and why?
Cruise Control – Eskimos & Egypt remix, Headless Chickens. Flying Nun Records have recently released an extended reissue of Headless Chickens album Body Blow, originally released in 1991, and it’s bringing back all the nostalgic feels. I’m also excited to hear more from Chaii, loving her track Digebasse (Enough).

What’s the last gig you went to?
Red Hot Chili Peppers a couple of months ago. Seeing them live was on my bucket list as I’ve missed them previous times they’ve been to NZ, I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s the first gig you went to?
The first big concert I went to was Missy Elliot. I worked at a music store at the time and got free tickets, we left work early and travelled 5 hours from Gisborne to Auckland to catch the concert, we then drove all the way back to make it back for work the next morning. Oh to be 20 again!

My favourite music memory is…
There’s a few, but the one that comes to mind is an event called Synthony that I went to in 2017. The concept was a DJ, a handful of NZ vocalists and the Auckland Symphony Orchestra re-doing dance tracks from the 00’s (think Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim). It sounds crazy but it was one of the coolest music experiences, no one was sitting down!

Final thought
Music taste is super subjective, like what you want to like and don’t let anyone tell you it’s shit.