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We're here for the music.

Working in harmony

Our values keep everyone reading from the same score to maintain an organisation that's a hit with everyone who works for and with us.


Diversity is vital. Whether our opinions, views, talents or skills complement or contrast, we collaborate with those who share our purpose and passion.


Our respect for music runs deep. It keeps us transparent, open, and honest. We’re working towards a future where everyone respects music for both its emotional and financial value.


We combine talent, knowledge and intuition with a commercial sensibility. We do what no one else can: copyright can be complex, yet we make it simple.


We don’t just admire imagination, we use it within our business every day: it makes life interesting. Imagination + action = innovation.


We take ownership and actively participate in sustaining our work community, in a safe and supportive way. We keep our commitments and accept responsibility for our actions.

Staff spotlight

Catherine Middleton - Senior Licensing Manager

Years worked at APRA AMCOS: Almost 3 years.

What do you love most about APRA AMCOS? Hands down, it’s the people that work here that I love the most. Regardless of what department or team someone is in, we’re all onboard for a common cause. APRA AMCOS is an organisation that really cares about its employees and members.

What makes you happy at work? Sharing success with my colleagues, whether that success be professional or personal.

How has APRA AMCOS shaped your career? Working at APRA AMCOS has made me realise that this is what I am here to do. My role allows me to utilise my years of experience in music licensing and I’m continuing to grow professionally and personally each day.

What was your main reason for wanting to join APRA AMCOS? To be part of an organisation who supports music creators through a variety of platforms – what a great place to be.

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This playlist was brought to you by Rebecca Ware - Member Relations Associate

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Get to know Rebecca

Describe your role at APRA AMCOS in one sentence:
As the Member Relations Associate I get to speak to our fab writers, producers, and artists on the daily helping them with all their APRA royalty needs, plus manage programs like SongHubs and the Women in Music Mentorships.

What is your favourite song on your playlist and why?
‘vodka orange juice’ by flowerkid. I heard it for the first time on the radio while I was driving, and I had to pull over because it hit me that hard. It is one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard in a long time - lyrically it’s so intensely personal and devastatingly emotional. I could instantly visualise the scene he is painting and felt every emotion that is so perfectly captured in the vocals. The production on the track is phenomenal and there hasn’t been a time that I’ve listened to it without getting goosebumps and welling up. flowerkid is just next level talented.

What’s the last gig you went to?
Lol REMEMBER GIGS?! Right before lockdown hit in Sydney in June I went and saw Milan Ring at Oxford Art Factory. My god, she is just too talented, too cool, too everything. Liyah Knight supported who is just a dream to listen to and watch perform.

What’s the first gig you went to?
Big Day Out ’03 – I was 15 and went with my older brother and his friends much to my mum’s dismay. The lineup was amazing with Foo Fighters headlining - I still have super terrible blurry film camera photos somewhere. That day kick started my love of hip hop after seeing Xzibit in the Boiler Room, and my hatred of Jane’s Addiction after they tried to do an encore and delayed the Foo Fighters’ set.

My favourite music memory is…
Watching Sir Paul McCartney play a 200-cap gig on my lunchbreak at the 100 Club in London in 2010. He played all the hits and it was an out of body experience, helped also by the fact I was standing next to Mick Jagger and Bobby Gillespie.

Also crawling down a hole at Glastonbury Festival to find Thom Yorke DJing on the other end. He was playing Toxic by Britney Spears and I legitimately thought I had a concussion or was dreaming because it was so bizarre.

Final thought

I cannot wait to get back in a room and get sweaty listening to some incredible live music again. Going to see artists do what they do is genuinely a form of therapy for me, and I’ve missed it so much over the past few months. OPEN THE NIGHTCLUBS ALREADY DOM, WE WANT TO DANCE.