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Take your first step to buying licensed music for video and other audiovisual/audio productions.

Production Music is for you if…

You're looking for a quick and simple way to buy licensed music for audio and audiovisual productions, including advertisements, online and social media content, TV and radio programs, trailers and films. Production Music is an affordable alternative to synchronisation licences for original tracks.

When you apply today, you're requesting a Production Music Client Number (PMCN) from APRA AMCOS. You'll need this PMCN to get music from one of our AMCOS suppliers. Learn how it works.

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Who can become a client?

If you wish to source and use Production Music from any of our suppliers, you first need to apply for your PMCN. Some examples of when you could use Production Music include:

  • working in a creative house making radio ads,
  • producing instructional or educational videos,
  • creating quality video content for websites,
  • making short films or documentaries, and more.

Individuals must be Australian or New Zealand residents and organisations must have registered offices in Australia or New Zealand. Registration is only granted for clients who wish to obtain Production Music for the purpose of licensing such music in audio or audio visual productions.

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Who's it not for?

APRA AMCOS Production Music licences are not available for private use or for clients from countries other than Australia or New Zealand. Please note that receipt of a Production Music Client Number does not guarantee supply of music. This supply is at the discretion of the Production Music Supplier.