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Advocacy & public policy

We often make submissions to federal and state governments on issues that affect our members, like copyright and the creative economy.

Streaming Service Investment Scheme

APRA AMCOS and AGSC response to the proposed Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme

APRA AMCOS and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) call for the swift introduction of a 20% Australian commissioned content expenditure requirement on global streaming businesses.

APRA AMCOS and the AGSC submit that the Scheme must include mechanisms for the mandatory inclusion of local Heads of Department and specifically local key music professionals, such as ‘Head of Music’ or ‘Director of Music’ in any investment-related definition of Australian content.

APRA AMCOS and the AGSC urge the Government to seize this opportunity to also ensure there are healthy and sustainable terms of trade between streaming services and Australian composers.

Read the full APRA AMCOS and AGSC joint submission (PDF 352 kb)

Copyright Amendment

APRA AMCOS response to the Copyright Amendment (Access Reform) Bill 2021 Exposure Draft and Discussion Paper

APRA AMCOS is not opposed to all the reforms contained in the Exposure Draft. However, we are strongly opposed to:

  • The repeal of sections 28 and 200 of the Act and the broadening of exceptions for educational institutions in the new sections 113MA, MB, MC (Schedule 4: Education); and
  • The amendments to section 106 of the Act.

APRA AMCOS is also concerned by the current drafting of:

  • The new sections 113KC, KD, KE, and KF (Schedule 3: Libraries and archives etc.); and
  • The new section 113FA (Schedule 2: Fair dealing for quotation).

We are opposed to these reforms for the following reasons:

  • The policy basis for reforms is unclear;
  • The reforms will cause real harm to music rightsholders; and
  • The reforms do not comply with Australia’s international obligations.

Read the full response to the Exposure Draft and Discussion Paper (PDF 624 kb)

AGSC and APRA AMCOS joint submission to Treasury Laws Amendment

(Measures for a later sitting) Bill 2021: Film tax offsets

We welcome the increase to the producers offset affecting non- feature productions from 20% to 30% and the retention of the producers offset for feature film to 40%.

However, we have a number of concerns about other changes to the legislation that will affect the documentary and low-budget feature sectors particularly, where many of the AGSC members and our fellow screen composers work; contributing to content for cinema, television broadcast, SVOD and other platforms.

Read the full joint submission (PDF 266kb)

Live Music and Entertainment Industry

5 Point Re-Opening Plan

The Australian live music and entertainment industry is worth $16bn to the national economy. Operating nationally and internationally it includes large and small businesses, sole traders and employs 90,000+ FTE workers. From stadiums, to pubs, clubs, bars and nightclubs, festivals and events, indoor and outdoor, our industry is core to Australia’s cultural heart and is a driver of local and national economic activity. Australia is a music powerhouse with enormous export potential.

Local, national and international performances and tours take time to organise, are logistically complicated and involve navigating a myriad of Federal, State, Territory and local government legislation and regulations - and that was before COVID.

Read the full plan (PDF 116kb)

Inquiry into Australia's creative & cultural industries and institutions

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communication and the Arts

In an address to the National Press Club on 5 August 2020, APRA Chair Jenny Morris set out a vision for Australian music. To achieve that vision, the Australian music industry needs four key priorities:

  • A federal, state and local whole-of-government policy and investment commitment to Australia as a net exporter of music
  • A commitment to provide equity of access to music education in schools nationally, including in contemporary songwriting
  • A national and coordinated approach to reduce red-tape together with tax incentives to protect and promote the cultural infrastructure of live music venues
  • A re-commitment to local content to ensure the production and performance of local music content across all media platforms

Read the full submission, Australia - A Music Nation and the Path to Become A Music Industry Powerhouse (PDF, 7MB)

Inquiry into Pathways and Participation Opportunities for Indigenous Australians in Employment and Business

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office and APRA AMCOS want to help create a more balanced music industry where First Nations people and people of colour are employed within higher levels of power and influence within the Australian music sector. We want First Nations music in Australia to be strong and independent.

We propose that greater investment in music focused programs and support can:

  • Close the gap for First Nations people and support a growth in cultural expression through music and language
  • Enhance education opportunities for First Nations children and young people
  • Foster more career pathways for First Nations music artists, arts workers and arts leaders to support the creation of sustainable First Nations owned and operated music sector organisations
  • Expand the opportunities for First Nations artists to grow international audiences and export markets

Read the full submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs (PDF, 350kb)

Inquiry into Factors contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Australian music industry

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communication and the Arts

A powerhouse that can fully realise the cultural, economic and social benefits of an even healthier music industry accessible to all Australians.

Through consultation with our members and the wider industry we identified five key areas for industry and government to prioritise for Australia to reap the social, cultural and economic dividend from transforming from a music nation to a music powerhouse. These priority areas are centred on:

  1. The talent pipeline
  2. The global stage
  3. Local content
  4. Live music
  5. A songwriting future

Read the full submission A Music Nation–Priorities for Australia's Music Industry (PDF, 3MB)

Copyright Modernisation

Department of Communication and the Arts

APRA AMCOS advocates that the rights of copyright owners should be protected against the onslaught of technological developments that make it increasingly simple for their work to be accessed, and their rights taken free of charge.

Technological innovators whose businesses rely on creative content should be required to reach agreement with the owners of that content, just as they do for other product or service costs.

Australian copyright law is as appropriate to the digital environment as it is to the physical environment. Just because technology makes infringement easier is not a compelling reason to reduce the rights of copyright owners.

Read the full submission to the Department of Communication and the Arts (PDF, 2MB)