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Publishers require in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Find out what a publisher does, and the criteria to apply for membership.

What you need before you apply as a music publisher member

If you have formed a music publishing company and wish to become a full publisher member, you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  1. You are a bona fide music publishing business in Australia, New Zealand and/or a South Pacific Nation. A “bona fide music publishing business” means a business that:
    • has ownership of, is assigned or licensed from a composer or an author the copyright in a minimum of one musical (or musical and literary) work (“musical work”) which has been reproduced and commercially released or exploited or published in some other form;
    • carries out as some of its day-to-day activities:
      • administration of copyright in the musical works it owns or controls (including but not limited to the registration of the copyright details with APRA and/or AMCOS and accounting and payment of royalties and fees to the relevant composers and/or authors);
      • management of the various rights in the musical works it owns and/or controls including but not limited to reproduction, and performing rights; and
      • licensing the use of the musical works it owns and/or controls to third parties;
    • has engaged the services of a person who is actively involved in managing the business’ ongoing day-to-day music publishing activities in Australia, New Zealand and/or a South Pacific Nation.
  2. You have a signed music publishing agreement with a minimum of one composer and/or author who is a member of APRA.
  3. Your signed music publishing agreement includes a clause recognising the prior and/or subsequent assignment of performing rights by the composer and/or author to APRA.
  4. You have a local bank account located in Australia, New Zealand or a South Pacific Nation.
  5. You have a Certificate of Registration of a Business Name or Company Number from ASIC or the NZ Companies Office, which must match the company or business name on your application.

If you do not meet these eligibility requirements but you control the reproduction rights in certain musical works in Australia, New Zealand and/or a South Pacific Nation, you may still be eligible to join as an associate publisher member.

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What happens next?

Once you successfully complete the initial assessment, you'll receive application forms for publisher membership via email. Once you have returned the completed, signed and witnessed application forms, they will be submitted to the APRA AMCOS Board for review. The Board meet approximately every 2 months.

When the APRA & AMCOS Board are satisfied that you meet the basic criteria, you can be elected as a publisher member.