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Distribution overview

For every dollar we collect, around 85 cents is distributed to music creators as royalties. Find out why, when, and how.

Expense to revenue ratio

It's mission-critical that any licence fees we collect are distributed to our songwriter, composer and publisher members and affiliated overseas societies efficiently and accurately.

At 14.16%, our expense to revenue ratio compares very favourably to affiliated organisations providing the same service overseas.

How we collect data

APRA AMCOS’s distribution policy is to balance using accurate music use data and the cost of collecting that data to determine who should be paid royalties.

Where it's cost effective to collect direct music use data we will.

Where it is not, we use sample data or data from similar sources. We're always looking for the best sources of data to distribute licence fees and invest in world’s best practice data-matching systems.

APRA AMCOS distribution process

  1. We license businesses for the music they use.
  2. We collect music data from multiple sources, including radio and TV stations, streaming services, live performances, background music services, and more.
  3. We auto match data to songs and compositions in our database. Unidentified songs are then matched to their copyright owners by our team of researchers.
  4. We calculate royalties according to our distribution rules and practices.
  5. We pay royalties to our members and overseas societies.

Who and what APRA AMCOS collects and distributes royalties for

APRA AMCOS administers a vast catalogue of songs and compositions on behalf of our 108,000+ members in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

We also administer and collect performing rights royalties and reproduction rights royalties for most types of music uses on behalf of international affiliate societies for ALL of their music that is used in our territory of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

APRA AMCOS collects and distributes royalties when music is used in:

  • Live performance (gigs at pubs and clubs)
  • Public performances (retail, hotels, background music etc.)
  • Radio broadcast
  • Television broadcast
  • Streaming (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music), Downloads and Video on Demand (e.g. Netflix, Stan)
  • Performances at major festivals and promoted concerts
  • Jingle broadcast
  • Websites and online platforms (e.g. YouTube, Facebook)
  • Mechanical/reproduction

When do I get paid?

Domestic royalties

APRA AMCOS distributes royalties that we collect from domestic (Australian, New Zealand and Pacific) music use every 3 months. Not all categories of music royalties get paid every quarter.
Learn more about domestic royalties.

International royalties

APRA AMCOS distributes royalties that we collect from our International Affiliates each month. However, we're dependent on their distribution methods to pay you.
Learn more about international royalties.