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Who we are

APRA AMCOS is a member-owned organisation, and we're here to work for you.

APRA AMCOS timeline

We have a long and proud history of representing music creators in Australia.

1926 APRA is established

The Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) was established in 1926 to manage the performance and communication rights of its members. We still do this today. Our licences cover music that is communicated or performed publicly including on radio, television, online, and live gigs.

1979 AMCOS is established

The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited (AMCOS) was established in 1979 to manage “mechanical royalties”, that is, the reproduction or copying and storage of music in different formats. This covers copying of songs and compositions by record labels or other parties to sell them on CD, vinyl, DVD, online, for use as production music and for radio/TV programs.

1997 APRA and AMCOS join forces

In response to feedback from music creators and licensees that they'd rather deal with one organisation, in 1997, APRA and AMCOS partnered up. We now deliver a one-stop service to music creators and licensees.

2019 OneMusic is formed

There's another licensing organisation called Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd (PPCA) that covers the broadcast, communication or public playing of music videos and recorded music.

To remove the need for separate licences from PPCA and APRA AMCOS, OneMusic was formed. It's now easier than ever to meet copyright obligations for the public performance of musical works, sound recordings and music videos. Find out more about OneMusic.


Today APRA AMCOS covers the rights and uses of music the original organisations took care of separately. We manage rights for both local and international songs, for the mutual benefit of music creators and licensees.