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Art Music Fund 2022 recipients announced

Media Published Thursday 28 April 2022
Top L-R: Robert Curgenven, Hamed Sadeghi, Cat Hope, Ross McHenry. Middle row: Corrina Bonshek, Kate Milligan, Riki Neihana Gooch, Maree Sheehan. Bottom row: Paul Clift, Wally Gunn, Linda Kouvaras. 

11 art music composers have been awarded $5,000 grants for new projects

This year's $55,000 total allocation will support new works from composers Cat Hope, Corrina Bonshek, Hamed Sadeghi, Kate Milligan, Linda Kouvaras, Maree Sheehan, Paul Clift, Riki Neihana Gooch, Robert Curgenven, Ross McHenry and Wally Gunn

The Art Music Fund is a partnership of APRA AMCOS, the Australian Music Centre and SOUNZ

Eleven composers from Australia and New Zealand are the recipients of the Art Music Fund, with each receiving a $5,000 grant towards the commission of a proposed work.

The Art Music Fund is an initiative of APRA AMCOS, in partnership with the Australian Music Centre and, for the first time, SOUNZ.

The 2022 Art Music Fund recipients are Cat Hope, Corrina Bonshek, Hamed Sadeghi, Kate Milligan, Linda Kouvaras, Maree Sheehan, Paul Clift, Riki Neihana Gooch, Robert Curgenven, Ross McHenry and Wally Gunn.

This year's $55,000 total allocation will support new and thought-provoking projects covering a range of inspiration and topics including the work of teenage climate activists, Persian Sufism philosophy, a Dutch shipwreck, the Song of Solomon, 'iceberg songs', the Māori voice in conducting, the intricacies of the pipe organ and more.

The commissions will be presented as post-minimalist chamber music, oratorio for voice; Persian classical music, jazz and improvisation; large scale chamber work, live performance installation and more.

Since 2016, the fund has granted more than half a million dollars to new works that have been presented in Australia, New Zealand and around the world at concert halls, festivals, and immersive settings. Victorian composer Cat Hope was a 2016 recipient for her work 'Dark Hip Falls' and becomes the first two-time grantee with this year's Chamber Made commission 'A Slow Emergency'.

The successful applicants’ compositions demonstrate the high-level creativity, innovation and collaboration happening amidst the challenges facing the sector.

2022 Art Music Fund recipient Wally Gunn:

Contemporary Art Music is innovative and experimental, and explores the outer edges of musical possibility. These innovations and explorations frequently find their way back to popular music, commercial music, and screen music, expanding the vocabulary of musical expression across the board. Art Music needs funding so that the innovators and experimenters can keep pushing the boundaries, and so that music of all kinds can sound new, exciting, and vital.

Catherine Haridy, CEO, Australian Music Centre

The Australian Music Centre is thrilled to be a part of the Art Music Fund. We are proud to see such diversity across art practices and cultural representation, and the deep breadth of talent within our community. Congratulations to all recipients, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes of these projects.

Diana Marsh, Chief Executive, SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music

SOUNZ is delighted to have been involved for the first time with APRA’s Art Music Fund in 2022, especially with the increase of opportunities for New Zealand recipients. We are thrilled that the projects selected are from two SOUNZ composers who are working at the leading edge of music practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Cameron Lam, Art Music Lead, APRA AMCOS

At a time when support for the arts is critical, Australian and New Zealand composers, improvisers, and sound artists continue to show that they are visionary in their outlook and goals. APRA AMCOS is proud to support these projects, which deeply engage with our contemporary world in multiple ways, and provide their creators with the stability they need through the Art Music Fund.

Art Music Fund applications were assessed on the viability of the proposed project, the quality of the work, and the strategy for the life and reach of the work.

View the full list of past recipients.