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Creative Minds: one-day intensive workshop

Story Published Thursday 27 October 2022
Creative Minds, presented by Support Act

20% discount for APRA AMCOS members (for a limited time) for tickets to Support Act's Creative Minds. Discount code supportact.

These one-day interactive workshops are designed for artists, musicians and creatives in the music industry to learn more about creativity and how to harness it.

Tickets on sale now for Kaurna/Adelaide, Eora/Sydney, Meanjin/Brisbane and Naarm/Melbourne.

Curious about exploring fresh, creative approaches to music-making and performance? Looking for new ways to be inspired? Yearning to be a more well-connected and vital part of the music community?

Support Act’s new one-day workshop, Creative Minds, is for you!

Reconnect with creativity with Support Act’s Psychologist Ash King for a one-day interactive workshop, complete with immersive activities that will challenge and expand creativity, boost divergent thinking, expand awareness, promote productivity and, most importantly,… lunch and snacks.

The workshop explores:

  • The myths and perils of creativity, tackling destructive and restrictive ideas related to what it means to “be creative”
  • Goal-setting, and helps support participants to set healthy and strategic goals (using evidence-based techniques including mental contrasting and intention implementation)
  • Values and the importance of “defining your why” when it comes to creative pursuits
  • How to nurture conditions for creativity, including the importance of play, environment, flow-states, mindfulness and downtime
  • Creative tools and techniques to help participants operate in the system of creativity, and explore the four laws of creative success

Event and ticket info

APRA AMCOS members, enter your 20% off discount code supportact
(Full ticket price $50

Kaurna/Adelaide - Tues 15 Nov @ The Gov

Eora / Sydney - Tues 22 Nov @ The Great Club

Meanjin / Brisbane - Tues 29 Nov @ King Lears Throne

Naarm / Melbourne - Tues 6 Dec @ Corner hotel