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High Score highlights: watch Dan Golding's keynote and panels about music in games

Tip Published Thursday 19 November 2020
Dan Golding presents at High Score 2020

Due to popular demand, we have just added Dan Golding's keynote as well as two panel discussions from High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming to our YouTube channel.

This year's High Score went virtual as part of Melbourne International Games Week, and, wow, nearly 6,000 viewers watched the conference content during the month it was available to stream.

We will be keeping these insightful discussions online to watch at your convenience:

  • Where the Music Leads - Music Based Gaming
  • The Power of Music in Indie Gaming
  • Dan Golding Keynote: HONK - The Humour in Interactive Sound

Where The Music Leads - Music Based Gaming

What happens when your game starts with the music, what choices are made differently and how does the process adapt? Explore the role of music as instigator in this panel discussion. Panellists are Wan Hazmer(No Straight Roads), Dave Curro (Spin Rhythm XD Studio) and Megan Carnes (Divinuet), with APRA AMCOS Art Music Specialist Cameron Lam moderating.

The Power of Music in Indie Gaming

Indie game studios are built on collaboration and teamwork. What role does music play in this space, how important is custom music in your game, and how can audio creators be great collaborators and teammates? Panellists are Julian Sanchez (KanaQuest, BoomerangFu, Way Forward), Clark Aboud (Slay the Spire, Kind Words), and Paulina Samy (Innchanted), with Cameron Lam moderating.

Keynote: HONK - The Humor in Interactive Sound

Humor is central to Dan Golding’s work as a game composer. In this closing keynote he explores how comedy and music both play out when timing is out of your hands – and what better example than Untitled Goose Game.