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Kevin Penkin compares and contrasts games and film composing

Tip Published Wednesday 26 August 2020
APRA AMCOS & AGSC present a webinar with Kevin Penkin about his experience composing for games such as Florence & Necrobarista.

Kevin Penkin in an Australia video game & film composer who recently composed for the BAFTA-award winning game Florence

He chats with Meena Shamaly about the differences between video game composing and film composing

Kevin Penkin has composed the music for beloved games including the BAFTA-winning Florence and Necrobarista and the recent anime feature film MADE IN ABYSS Dawn of the Deep Soul as well as Netflix's Eden.

He recently he sat down for an In Conversation, presented with AGSC as part of our At Home Sessions to talk about how he composes across different screen stories.

The webinar was moderated by Meena Shamaly, composer and host of ABC Classic's Game Show.

A highlight, which you can watch above is, his answer to the following:

“You’re both a film composer and a game composer. Your experience with the two mediums…What should a composer know about the two mediums from your perspective and experience?"

If you missed it, don't worry, the full one-hour webinar lives on in full for on-demand viewing over on our YouTube channel and below.