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Tushar Apte honoured with G’Day USA Rising Star award

Media Published Tuesday 14 June 2022
G’Day USA honourees (L-R) Ron Howard, Isla Fisher, Brian Grazer, and Tushar Apte. Photo by Alzona Media Group for G’Day AAA Arts Gala

APRA AMCOS Ambassador, Tushar Apte, is the first producer to receive the Rising Star award.

The G’Day AAA Arts Gala event, held in LA on 11 June, featured performances by Electric Fields, Jess Hitchcock and Morgan Evans.

Host Waleed Aly said “We celebrate the creativity, innovation, and expression of Australia, and let the world know that we are open for business.”

The G’Day AAA Arts Gala hosted by the American Australian Association in partnership with the Embassy of Australia and Australia’s Consulate-General Los Angeles, brought together prominent Australians and Americans to celebrate and showcase Australian creativity, talent and strong partnership with the United States. The evening saw Australians and Americans celebrate the artistic talent who have been working in, supporting and nurturing each other’s creative industries for decades.

APRA AMCOS Chief Executive, Dean Ormston, had the pleasure of presenting the prestigious Rising Star award to APRA AMCOS Ambassador, songwriter and producer, Tushar Apte. Having collaborated with Chris Brown, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, BTS, Blackpink and Noah Cyrus, Tushar’s works have clocked up over 1.3 billion collective streams.

"Australia is already a music nation, and the vision of Australia as a global music powerhouse and a net exporter of music is already in play And Tushar is why that vision is a reality," said Dean Ormston. "He is to music, what a Hugh Jackman triple threat is to acting. He is a music Olympian. Tushar may not be a household name, but he is already behind the names of some of the biggest artists in the world. I met Tushar when he was a young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed songwriter and still is determined with his sight on success. I've watched his career evolve and the realities of what it takes to make a career in a very tough industry. He is humble, generous and a great guy, and trust me when I say people are lining up to write and collaborate with him. He wants to make a difference to our industry. In fact he was saying to me last night, I'd really like to work on some ways where I can help find and make a soft landing for people coming into the industry. He's an Australian music ambassador, and he wants to make sure the voice of the songwriter is heard."

Tushar is the first producer to be honoured with the Rising Star award. Upon receiving the award, Tushar said “It’s such an honour for guys like me to the recognised in this way. We’re normally fame adjacent, so it’s nice to be front and centre for a day”

Live music featured throughout the event, with Electric Fields performing their hit ‘Gold Energy’, and their latest release ‘Catastrophe’. Smugglers of Light award-winning singer-songwriter Jess Hitchcock performed ‘Will Not Let Them Win’. APRA AMCOS Ambassador Morgan Evans treated the audience to a performance of ‘Young Again’. The entire crowd closed the show with a beloved G’Day USA tradition, singing ‘I Still Call Australia Home’.

Stars and supporters of the Australian screen, Isla Fisher, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard were acknowledged with awards on the night.

The creation of the American Australian Association-APRA AMCOS Global Professional Development Award was also announced. This $10,000 grant will support an emerging Australian artist, songwriter or producer to undertake career development in the United States each year. Stay tuned for details of how to apply in August 2022.