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Licensing disputes procedure

What is a licensing dispute?

A licensing dispute is a difference of opinion between you and APRA AMCOS on aspects of its licensing practices or administration. A licensing dispute may arise for a number of reasons, for example:

  • you do not agree with the way APRA AMCOS has applied a licence to your business, including the licence fees APRA AMCOS has asked you to pay;
  • you believe you should be licensed under a different scheme to the one APRA AMCOS has asked you to be licensed under; or
  • you disagree with the way APRA AMCOS distributes royalties.

A complaint is different to a dispute. A ‘complaint’ is an allegation that APRA AMCOS’ conduct has fallen short of the standard of conduct required by the Code of Conduct for Collection Societies (Code). An example of a complaint is if you are not satisfied with the manner in which you have been treated by a staff member or the availability of information about how licence fees are calculated or administered. For more information about raising a complaint with APRA AMCOS, please see our complaints procedure.

How to raise a licensing dispute

You have the option of raising a licensing dispute directly with APRA AMCOS or our independent third party alternative dispute resolution facilitator, Resolution Pathways.

Raising a licensing dispute with Resolution Pathways

Resolution Pathways is an independent third-party Alternative Dispute Resolution facilitator. The initial consultation with Resolution Pathways is free of charge and often disputes can be resolved on the spot. Resolution Pathways’ service includes Mediation, Expert View (non-binding) and Expert Decision (binding). You can find more about this process and how to lodge a dispute at Resolution Pathways.

Raising a licensing dispute with APRA AMCOS

You can raise a licensing dispute with APRA AMCOS in one of the following ways:

Where possible, please provide your name and relevant contact details as anonymous disputes are more difficult to resolve successfully.

Who can raise a licensing dispute?

Any person or organisation that has, or intends to have, any dealings with APRA AMCOS can raise a licensing dispute, including licensees, potential licensees, and members of the public.

What to include in your licensing dispute?

Your licensing dispute should include:

  • Where possible, your name and contact details, and/or the name and contact details of your organisation.
  • What your licensing dispute is about (e.g. what is the difference of opinion you have with APRA AMCOS regarding, for instance, the type of music licence you have been asked to enter into or the licence fees you have been asked to pay).
  • The outcome you hope to achieve.
  • Any material that supports your licensing dispute.

How we handle disputes

  • We will acknowledge your licensing dispute within 2 business days of receipt.
  • In most cases, we'll respond to the dispute in writing within 14 days of acknowledging receipt.
  • We maintain a register of all licensing disputes and responses, and the Disputes Officer keeps a copy of that register.
  • All responses we give regarding the dispute will give you the opportunity to ask for further clarification or, if necessary, to take the matter further.
  • If you are not satisfied with the explanation provided, you can refer the dispute to APRA AMCOS' independent alternative dispute resolution facility, Resolution Pathways. Find out more about Resolution Pathways.

Need help with your dispute?

If you'd like some help in either formulating your licensing dispute or questions about what information to include, please email or write to the Disputes Officer at APRA AMCOS, [email protected]