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Service provider code of conduct

We're commited to shared professional standards with our third party service providers

At APRA AMCOS, we're all about collaboration, respect, skill and imagination in every aspect of our business. This includes ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, respect for the rights of all individuals and respect for the environment.

We aim to work with service providers who share these commitments and, where possible, to partner with them to identify best practice and support improvement.

We prioritise working with service providers that demonstrate a commitment to the following standards, qualities and values:

  • Transparency, honesty, ethics and integrity.
  • Compliance with applicable laws, including those pertaining to employment, health and safety, modern slavery and the protection of the environment.
  • Processes for dealing with grievances, discipline, bullying and harassment which support the treatment of each employee with dignity and respect, and do not tolerate physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment, abuse or bullying.
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion that does not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.
  • A safe and healthy workplace, in compliance with all applicable modern slavery and health and safety laws and regulations.
  • A commitment to protection of the environment which seeks to minimise the impact of the organisation, its production process and the products themselves on the environment.

Service providers may be required to indicate their commitment to upholding these standards of professional conduct at the time of appointment or, if previously and currently appointed, at the time of re-appointment, or submitting bids and proposals in response to APRA AMCOS’ invitations and solicitations to bid.

Please contact the APRA AMCOS People & Culture team for more information.