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High Score 2017

Take your composition career to the next level at High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming, a new one day event dedicated to the art of creating music for games.


Session 1:

Composer, games reviewer and music teacher Meghann O'Neill will discuss generative music, sound design, world building, as well giving us a snapshot of the types of games being made in Australia and New Zealand.

Meghann will give examples of different styles of sound design and will discuss some of the programs used in this types of composition, such as Mini-Metro, Transistor and FTL.

Presenter: Meghann O’Neill

Session 2:

Game and screen composer Jared Underwood, and Game Creator Ash Ringrose from Soap Creative, will discuss the working relationship between the pair, and how the music was created for a number of iOS games that Soap Creative have released featuring Jared’s music. Jared will also perform live excerpts of some of these compositions. Some of the titles discussed will be OTTTD - Over the top total tower Destruction, One More Line, One More Dash, Thumb Drift and One More Jump. The performance will be of excerpts from One More Line.

Presenters: Jared Underwood, Ashley Ringrose

Moderator: Angharad Yeo

Session 3:

Maize has worked with a variety of VR/AR/MR tech, from outdoor and warehouse experiences, to home and mobile experiences. In the session Maize will talk about the different approaches she takes when working with these different forms and will be explaining the hardware and software that audio professionals and studios use, and the unique problem solving skills expected from them. Maize will also be demonstrating entry level techniques for where audio teams can get started to practice their skill s.

Presenter: Maize Wallin

Session 4:

Neil Acree Keynote