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Domestic Use Video Licence

Make video recordings of authorised events

Eg. weddings, parties, holidays, amateur concerts and community sporting events

Add a sound recording to your video

Create the right soundtrack for your video by adding your own choice of music

Share authorised event videos for domestic use

Provide digital and physical copies to clients, or family and friends, for their domestic use

Stream authorised events

Via private link or password protected access from your own secure website

Digitise (format-shift) home movies

Transfer a client’s home movies from an analogue format to a digital format

Why do I need a licence?

Songwriters, composers, music publishers and record labels have certain rights under Australian copyright law when it comes to how their music is used by other people. This includes when their music is captured in a video of an event or added to a video in post-production, and when those videos are shared with others.

To use copyright protected music in these ways, a licence is typically required from the copyright owners of the song and the sound recording.