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Domestic Use Video Licence

What is it?

If you film an event such as a wedding or dance concert, you may want to create hard copy of the video to give to your friends and family as a keepsake. This might be in the form of a:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • Thumb drive
  • Password-protected download

This licence does not include videos posted online for general public view or uploaded to social media.

Videographers are also able to use this licence provided the copies they send to clients do not exceed the copy limits.

You may have captured music playing while you were filming or you may want to add music to the video. You need a licence to do this.

License your video


You can get an annual licence covering multiple events or opt to pay by event under our single event licence.

The annual licence

This licence operates within the calendar year (1 January – 31 December). The standard package and standard plus packages cover the reproduction of works and must be taken out if you use music in your videos.

If you also upload or post these videos online, you should then take out the website licence as an add-on to the base pack.

If you need a licence part-way through a calendar year, you need only pay the balance (for example, a licence fee of $949.25 for 12 months would be $316.42 for four months).

The single event licence

If you require a one-off licence for an event or need to license additional DVDs under your annual licence, the single event licence covers you. This licence is calculated on the number of DVDs created from a unique event. The base packages (based on the number of DVDs) cover the reproduction (dubbing, copying) of works and are compulsory if you use music in your videos.

If you upload or post these videos online using password protected restrictions you will need to take out the website licence add on in addition to the base pack. This covers you for reproducing the music (base pack) and communicating it online (web add on).

If you are using music on your website without password protection, this is not covered by the Domestic Use Licence. Instead you will need to seek a synchronisation licence directly from the copyright owners, as well as obtaining an APRA website licence for the communication (ie: to upload or post it publicly).


Jane is a videographer with a large range of jobs each year from weddings and parties to school events and functions. Jane has roughly 16 clients in a year who request videos with commercial music in the background. Clients generally only ask for up to 10 copies of a DVD plus a digital file to send to family overseas. Occasionally she has larger end of year concerts (approx. 5 per year) for clients wanting up to 100 copies.

Jane would need to take out the standard annual licence for her business, plus the web add on to cover her for the digital files. To cover Jane for the additional copies she would also need the additional units.

Standard pack = $591.60 + Website add on = $403.67 + Additional units = $117.83.

Total licence fee = $1,113.10 incl. GST

Henry’s brother is getting married and has asked him to film the ceremony and reception for them including sound. The DJ played some awesome tracks that got everyone up early on. Henry was then asked to send a copy of the DVD to each of the 60 guests at the wedding. He promised also to upload it to the wedding website which was password protected to ensure only guests could access it.

Henry would need the single event licence at $385.19 plus the web add on at $46.13 coming to a total of $431.32