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New Year, New You!

Tip Published Tuesday 30 January 2024
Set yourself up for success in 2024. Photo by AJ Taylor

The new year is a great time to set your intentions and goals for 2024. It’s also an excellent time to do some musical housekeeping before the intensity of the year kicks off!

Here we share some really simple things you can do to put your music project on the right track in 2024.

Get ahead of your admin and maximise your creativity!

1. Keep your member details up-to-date

If you’ve made any changes to your bank account, contact information or registered address, make sure to update it in the Writer Portal or the app.

2. Releasing new songs? Make sure they're registered!

Make sure all the works you have released or are performing are registered with APRA AMCOS. Unregistered works won’t earn you royalties! Log in to the Writer Portal and/or the app to register new works or to view the unregistered works that you need to complete.

You will be notified in the Writer Portal of any unregistered works

3. Writing with others?

Planning to write with others or collab in 2024? Get ahead by understanding co-writing splits, and how to register works.
To make any changes to a work after it’s registered, you’ll need to contact Member Services. to request an amendment. Please note, all parties on the original registration need to agree to the change in.

Understanding some basics of copyright will also help set you on the right path and avoid potential issues in the future.

4. Played recently? Submit your Performance reports

Get paid for playing your original songs!

For domestic (AU/ NZ) performances, submit Performance Reports year-round and get paid quarterly. If you’ve played overseas (excluding the USA), fill in the Overseas Performance Report. For performances in the USA, fill out the Overseas Performance Report – US Societies Only.

5. We've got the guides 😎

Bookmark our guides page, it's a treasure trove of resources, forms, and links covering important areas of music usage and performance.

6. Stay across our Grants & Events pages and YouTube playlists

We are regularly updating our Grants, Funding & Opportunities page with listings by state, territory and First Nations-specific. Check it out, bookmark it, share it.
Additionally, keep your eye on our upcoming events. We regularly offer informative webinars and face-to-face sessions. If you've missed a webinar, head to our 'Insights' playlist on YouTube, where you can watch the sessions back. While you're there, why not peruse our brand new FAQ playlist videos, which should answer any other APRA AMCOS questions you may have.
We’re here to help!

7. Get your digital profile up-to-date

Always a good idea in the quiet months to freshen up your digital presence, before the business of touring or your release campaign kicks in. Are your Linktree links active? Is your website current? Do you have photos at the ready including the photog credit? Check out this article on the basics of digital housekeeping. Or you could have a read of this piece with tips for social media success.

Happy creating in 2024! 🥳