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Apply for a 2023 Women in Music Mentorship

Media Published Wednesday 8 March 2023
photo by Belinda Dipalo

19 positions announced for the Music in Mentorship initiative.

Successful applicants will be paired with a mentor that can provide individualised professional guidance.

Previous mentees include Bri Clark, Lucy Sugarman, dameeeela, BVT and many more.

Applications for the Women in Music Mentorship open today with 19 places available to music creators who identify as a woman or non-binary.

The program, which started in 2018, pairs a mentor that can provide individualised professional guidance to a music creator who feels they will benefit from a program designed for women in music. Mentees also receive financial assistance for their participation.

"Songwriters and composers who identify as a woman or non-binary remain underrepresented and Women in Music Mentoring is one initiative that tries to provide opportunities in a supportive and safe environment. Over the last five year this initiative has proven that considered one-on-one mentoring alongside financial support can really open up professional pathways," said Alison Wright, Head of Membership.

Spanning a range of genres and specialties, this year's list of music industry professionals and creators putting up a hand to mentor include manager/publicist Melody Forghani of twnty three, Elefant Trak's Carolina De La, Mushroom Music Publishing's Julian McGruther, singer-songwriter Ngaiire, Fan Girls screenwriter and composer Yve Blake, powerhouse performer Casey Donovan and more.

Mentorships are available for the following:

  • 4 x Pop/Contemporary non-genre specific
  • 2 x Hip Hop/R&B/Rap/Soul
  • 2 x Electronic/Dance
  • 1 x Country
  • 1 x Musical Theatre
  • 2 x Women in Production
  • 2 x Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander member - in partnership with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office (NATSIMO)
  • 2 x US-based member
  • 2 x UK/EU-based member
  • 1 x Jazz

Additional mentoring opportunities for regionally-based screen composers will open later in 2023 with two positions available at the Screenworks Composing Bootcamp.

In 2017, APRA AMCOS released research that identified the pathways and barriers for women working in music. This led to a commitment to provide support to women and non-binary music creators through the development of programs to effect immediate and sustainable gender participation and equitable financial success.

The mentorship program is a key component of the commitment, and has supported the careers of Demi Louise, Annie Hamilton, Lucy Sugerman, Eliza Hull, dameeela, BVT and many others.

Mentorship Program length: Three months, ideally May - July 2023

Commitment: 1x face-to-face meeting and a minimum of 5 further meetings either in person, via phone, video or email

Funding: Each successful applicant will receive $3,000 to cover any work-related and/or travel expenses during the mentorship