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Women in Music Mentorships 2020 announced

Story Published Wednesday 24 June 2020
Top row L-R: NYNNO, Lucy Sugerman, RBI; Middle L-R: Chiara Costanza, Austen, Grace Turner; Bottom L-R: Camilla Sullivan, Siobhan Poynton, Tamara Partridge

Our third class of mentees

Mentors support mentees on projects already underway

Mentees include Lucy Sugerman, Tamara Partridge, Nonny Bulle

Congratulations to this year's class of mentees in our Women in Music Mentorship initiative.

These music creators are already making their own opportunities happen with performances at BIGSOUND, Laneway and Pitch, features on triple j Unearthed and award-winning scores and commercial jingles.

"Navigating the music industry can be tough at times and being a songwriter can be an insular experience," said Camilla Sullivan, songwriter and one-half of A Rioting Mind, who is one of nine selected participants.

Now in its third year, Camilla precisely sums up why the program exists, and why the applications continue to pour in. At a certain career point, extra support is invaluable -- when you need artistic guidance about the next release or practical business tips as you manage various revenue streams, or you just need general advice from a trusted source.

This is where the mentors come in. The class of mentees will be paired with a mentor who can help out with those questions and provide the insight that comes with meaningful experience.

Let's find out a bit more about the nine mentees.

Nonny Bulle (NYNNO)
Mentor: Milan Ring

Milan is an extremely talented musician, from her technical understanding and application, to the way she can create an immersive experience through her live performances. There's so much I can learn from her in this regard, as well as learning how to better connect with audiences and create opportunity for myself as an artist.

Lucy Sugerman
Pop Contemporary

Mentor: Julian McGruther (Mushroom Music)

I’m getting ready to release my first songs and establish myself as an artist after doing sessions for almost three years now, and I’m determined to give my music the best shot at reaching and connecting with people. Having a mentor means having access to professional guidance and advice as a young person who’s new to this industry, and assistance with decision making and finding the best ways to create a longterm career!

Ruby Wills (RBI)
Mentor: Andy Garvey

I really want to further develop my production skills and creative direction as an artist. I am so excited to have a mentor to receive feedback from creatively, learn more about the industry and to find tools to help me achieve my goals.

Chiara Costanza
Screen composition
Mentor: Bryony Marks and Australian Guild of Screen Composers

I am currently composing the original soundtrack for a feature film. It’s a romantic comedy/drama produced and directed in Australia. The music I’m writing is a mix of classical and ambient.

This mentorship will give me the guidance and tools I need to take my career to the next
level and to evolve my artistic practice. It will be highly beneficial for allowing me to learn more about the different processes of a composer when working on a film, from artistic choices to technical tips and business advice.

Miranda Ward (Austen)

Mentor: Claire Collins (Bossy Music)

As someone who has navigated the industry independently so far, striking the balance between creative-brain and business-brain can definitely feel like a balancing act. At this stage in my career, having a mentor’s support and guidance will allow me to take my creative ideas and vision and make them a reality in the most effective way.

Having Claire as a mentor during the next phase will give me guidance as a self managed artist at a super pivotal point in my career, to take Austen from an emerging/bedroom project to more commercially viable and established.

Grace Turner
Mentor: Megan Washington

I am looking forward to being involved in a program that is about specifically helping women in the music industry. I think there is a lot of uncharted water left and I am excited to be a part of something that will help not only the current artists but future generations.

I remember hearing Washington for the first time on triple j and being drawn to her songs and fierce delivery. I read an interview with her and thought she was brave and honest with her words. I am looking forward to hearing her experience of the industry, and her journey with writing and artistic knowledge.

Camilla Sullivan (A Rioting Mind)
Mentor: Isabella Manfredi

Having people around you who can give you their perspectives, opinions and advice is so important to keep you learning, growing and connected. It’s also a great way to keep you engaged with your work and maintain your energy and passion for creating.

Siobhan Poynton (SCABZ)
Mentor: Ella Hooper

Mentoring is an opportunity to learn, and those are harder to come by as you progress in your career!

Sometimes playing in a band can be quite short term goal orientated. Releasing singles, going on a tour, pushing for festival slots etc. I would really like some insight into how to foster a long and healthy career as a musician in Australia.

Tamara Partridge
TV composition
Mentor: Jay Stewart and Triangle Screen Music

Having been a multimedia composer for the past five years I've learnt so much, and have this almost overwhelming knowledge that there are so many more things I have yet to learn.

The compositional process for television is hugely different to film. Working with Jay and TSM will help give me some direction in conceptualising, creating and producing music for a different medium as well as assist me with my synthestration and broadcast deliverables knowledge.

Each mentorship is offered for a three month period and mentees will receive some financial support over that time.

In 2017, we released research that identified the pathways and barriers for women working in music. This has led to our commitment to provide support to women through the development of programs to effect immediate and sustainable gender participation and equitable financial success for women songwriter and composer members. The mentorship program is a key component of our commitment.