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Economic contribution

Latest research finds copyright industries employ over 1 million people in Australia

The Australian Copyright Council (ACC) regularly commissions research into the economic contribution of Australian copyright industries.

The sixth, and most recent, report of its kind was released in June 2020, and covered the period 2006 - 2018.

The report shows that Australia’s copyright industries continue to play a fundamental role in contributing to the Australian economy. Many of these industries are undergoing significant changes to their traditional business models as digitisation changes the way they operate.

Read the full report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers for the ACC.

Key insights from The Economic Contribution of Australia’s Copyright Industries 2020

The PwC report found that copyright industries:

  • employed over 1 million people which constitutes 8.3% of the Australian workforce.
  • generated economic value of $124.1 billion, the equivalent of 6.8% of gross domestic product (GDP), which is greater than other industries including manufacturing and retail trade.
  • generated $4.8 billion in exports, which is equal to 1.5% of total exports from Australia.