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Manual work registration in the Publisher Portal

Manual Work Registration steps

Log in
Go to the Registration tab
Select: Add a registration to an 'existing work' or 'New work registration’

Search for work
To add a registration to an existing work, first search for work and select the ‘Add registration’ button.

If registering a new work simply select new work registration.

You'll arrive at the Manual Work Registration screen

Start your registration and complete information in any field defined as mandatory (defined by *).

The sections of the form are:


  • Work type (When registering existing works this will be preselected, based on the prefix of the work identifier in CMS)
    • General
    • Jingle
    • Production (for AMCOS-licensed production music library works)
    • Theme
    • Theme + Background
    • Background
    • Rolled up cue
  • Registration type
    • Performing
    • Mechanical
    • Both
  • Change registering publisher (only available to publishers with subsidiaries in their group structure)
    • Dropdown select from available values

Work details

  • Title
  • Alternative title (Multiple alternative titles can be entered)
  • Style
  • Duration
  • Version type
  • Language
  • Commissioned (for Theme/Background/Rolled up cues)
  • Production title (for Theme/Background/Rolled up cues)
  • Library Name (for AMCOS-licensed production music library works)
  • Library label prefix (for AMCOS-licensed production music library works)
  • Disc number (for AMCOS-licensed production music library works)
  • Track number (for AMCOS-licensed production music library works)
  • First release date
  • Additional Identifiers:
    • ISWC
    • Submitter work ID
    • ISRC


  • Add existing performer
  • Add new performer


  • Writer contribution shares
  • Add writer by IP Name number or Right Holder lookup advanced search
  • Select writer/s you are claiming for
  • Add publisher/s by IP Name number or Right Holder lookup
  • Publisher collection share input and auto-calculation of writer collection share

Upload audio

If the work is used in a TV or radio advertisement:

  • Attach audio. This is mandatory for works defined as Jingles, but selectable for other work types.


  • Text field to capture any comments / notes you would like to add about the work or registration.

Review and Register work

  • Displays all sections of the registration with the values that have been entered.
  • You may edit any section or proceed to complete the registration.