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Licensing for universities

How universities are licensed
for music use

APRA AMCOS, together with ARIA and PPCA have a licence agreement, called the Universities Music Licence, in place with Universities Australia to cover all 39 member universities for a broad range of music uses.

The same basic cover applies to all 39 universities, however universities have the option of additional rights to copy sheet music.

The agreement is very broad, but it is important to understand its limitations.

Activities that are not covered under the licence

Play and perform live or recorded music:

  • At university events where the ticket price exceeds $40
  • In a Dramatic Context

Perform in its entirety:

  • A Grand Right Work. Grand Right Works are dramatico-musical works, or ballets, where the music and lyrics have been expressly written for the production, eg: musicals like Cats or Wicked
  • A choral work longer than 20 minutes in duration

Audio-visual recordings and productions:

  • Share videos on university social media channels that capture ARIA sound recordings being played at university events and performances
  • Share videos on the university website or social media channels where a sound recording has been synchronised with unrelated visual elements in post-production (eg: where a slide show of photos from O-Week or a virtual tour of the campus is overlaid with a sound recording)
  • Make any audio or video recordings available for download
  • Make or share audio or video recordings for commercial activities, commercial research, advertising, promotion of the university, or any third-party business, organisation, product or service (promotion of student work or in-house research is covered).

The optional Print Music Licence does not include the right to:

  • Make copies, transcriptions or transpositions of AMCOS Works from any score other than a legal original owned by the University
  • Make arrangements of AMCOS Works, including but not limited to changes of harmonic structure, melody or instrumentation
  • Make alterations of any kind to the lyrics associated with an AMCOS Work
  • Sell, hire or otherwise make available any copies made under the licence

Note: These limitations are a summary only. Please consult with your university’s Copyright Officer for the full list of rights and limitations.

Get to know your Copyright Officer

Every university has a copyright officer or representative who is the best port of call to assist in navigating copyright questions.

Find a list of Copyright Officers on Universities Australia’s website.