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Education licences

Schools, universities, TAFEs and private colleges around Australia have special licences available to them which cover their music use. APRA AMCOS works closely with our writer and publisher members, as well as representatives of the education sector, to ensure our licences are fit for purpose and meet the needs of educators and students. They support both remote and in-person teaching environments.

The Copyright Act also includes some exceptions that allow for the use of copyright-protected music without a licence. There are many common uses of music that fall outside those allowances in the Act though, so it is important to know when further permissions or licensing is required.


TAFE institutions are covered for the majority of their music use by the TAFE Music Licence.

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Education and Training Providers

In addition to schools, universities, and TAFEs, Australia's education landscape also includes a diverse range of private and independent education providers. These institutions offer a variety of courses and programs, from higher education to vocational training and skills development.

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More information on copyright in education


The National Copyright Unit's Smartcopying website provides helpful information about copyright issues for schools and TAFEs.

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Australian Copyright Council

The Australian Copyright Council provides information sheets applicable to educational institutions and music teachers, as well as legal advice and seminars on Australian copyright law.

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Arts Law

Arts Law is Australia’s independent national community legal centre for the arts, and provides free or low cost specialised legal advice, education and resources.

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