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Cultural Change in the music industry

Story Published Tuesday 18 May 2021

Cultural Change in the music industry – a statement from APRA AMCOS, ARIA, and PPCA

Next week we’re having an initial conversation to start the ball rolling. The purpose of this first meeting is scope out the logistics and to explore some baseline questions including:

  • How will we resource this work?
  • How will we fund it?
  • How do we enable the broadest participation from interested parties across our industry? What approaches do we need to take? (Several roundtables? Written submissions? A combination of strategies?)
  • Who should facilitate the discussion across these multiple stakeholders?
  • What external expertise do we need to engage to ensure the conversation is held in a safe and inclusive way, where people can talk openly?
  • What governance frameworks do we need to establish to ensure oversight and accountability?

SoundCheck Aotearoa and the New Zealand music community have been engaging widely on this same topic and a representative will join the discussion to share some of their experience so it can inform the approach we take to pulling together the roundtable. This meeting is just a starting point that we hope will be a gateway to a much wider discussion including many voices and perspectives from across our industry which are integral to identifying the issues, the solutions, and developing a plan for change. We know there are many people who will want to be a part of this discussion and change and we welcome their participation and contribution.