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Geoff Mack visits the APRA AMCOS office

Story Published Monday 8 April 2013
90-year-old APRA Member Geoff Mack, writer of classic country song “I’ve Been Everywhere” visits the APRA office.

Geoff Mack penned his hit song “I’ve Been Everywhere” after he travelled the world on a motorbike with his fiancé

The song has since been recorded by Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Rihanna

Geoff visited APRA AMCOS to have morning tea with CEO Brett Cottle

What do Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and pop princess Rihanna have in common? They all recorded versions of ‘I’ve Been Everywhere,’ the classic country song written by 90 year old APRA member Geoff Mack in 1959.

To say Geoff has had a life less ordinary is an understatement. He served in Borneo in World War Two and became a radio broadcaster in Japan as “the voice of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces.”

After the war, he traveled the world on a motorbike with his wife-to-be, who managed to knit him a vest whilst sitting sidesaddle on the backseat. Together they motorbiked everywhere from Europe to Afghanistan and Iran, finally returning to Australia where Geoff penned his hit song ‘I’ve Been Everywhere.’