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Live streaming music licensing advice for APRA members

Story Published Thursday 17 September 2020

*If you are seeking advice on how to license the live streaming of music online, please go here.

Here’s an overview of what members need to know in regards to music licensing and live streaming their own live performances.


  • APRA AMCOS’ live stream licence only applies to live streams delivered to users in Australia and New Zealand
  • APRA AMCOS’ live stream licence does not cover live streaming of any sound recordings
  • APRA AMCOS’ live stream licences does not cover the right to reproduce any musical works by way of synchronisation with any audio-visual material (also called sync rights)

Streaming music concerts/performances on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/TikTok

APRA AMCOS has licences in place for the communication of members’ works on live streaming platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok for performances that take place in Australia and/or New Zealand.

We encourage our songwriter and composer members to keep track of their setlists for live performances on these platforms so we can pay your royalties from the licence fees we collect from the platforms. Make a note of the songs performed (including title and artist), duration of stream, date, time of live stream and platform name and URL, and submit those details here or via the APRA AMCOS for Music Creators app. Please note that any royalties payable will be subject to APRA AMCOS’ distribution policies.


Our licences with these platforms cover streams of pre-recorded and saved performances, but if you do not control all necessary rights yourself, you should also obtain, clearances (such as synchronisation rights) from your music publisher and/or, if you have a deal, your record label (for master rights). If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

Streaming your works on your own website

If you are only using your own works and streaming them from your own website, you can contact us at [email protected] to arrange a 'licence back' for your works, so no licence fee becomes payable by you for the use of your own musical work. Of course, you may still require permission from the copyright holder of the sound recording.

Please note that there is usually a small administration fee payable to AMCOS for the ‘license back’ of your works. However, this fee is often waived for simple requests.

Streaming various works on your website

If you are playing a mix of your own songs and covers or co-written songs, we are able to offer you a licence and the relevant rates are set out here.

Platforms not licensed by APRA AMCOS

There are many other platforms offering ‘solutions’ for artists/bands looking to stream concerts. We understand that you may be interested in using these platforms but you should note:

  • Many are not properly licensed, so often royalties won't be paid to songwriters and artists.
  • Often, these platforms make you responsible for obtaining any necessary licences.

If you have further queries on music licensing for live streams, please contact [email protected]