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Create a Payment Summary in the Writer Portal

Tip Published Thursday 22 July 2021
Generate a Payment Summary

Available in the Writer Portal: APRA Payment Summary documents.

This document can be used for tax purposes or for other business requirements.

You can create summaries based on the AU and/or NZ financial year, or for a set date range.

We're pleased to let you know that you can now create a Payment Summary document when you log in to the Writer Portal.

This is a document you can use for tax purposes or to generate a summary for a specific period of time.

If your manager or bookkeeper is a Secondary user with Financial permission, they're also able to generate a Payment Summary on your behalf.

How to create your Payment Summary:

  • Log in to the Writer Portal, using the email address you receive correspondence from; create a password if you haven't logged in before
  • Go to the Royalties tab, click on Payment Summary
  • Select your Tax Residence from the available option to ensure correct currency
  • Select your relevant period: for tax residents of Australia or New Zealand, Last Financial Year will set the date range for the respective country
  • Or, select For a Specific Period to set your date range
  • Click Submit and a PDF will be generated to download

Please note:

  • Payment summary documents are currently available for APRA earnings only
  • Captures the past three years payments
  • Currently available on desktop, with a mobile version to come
  • Supported web browsers include recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, but not Internet Explorer 11
  • For AMCOS, please refer to your quarterly remittance statements. We will bring this feature into Earnings Insights in future updates.

If you're earning overseas and have questions about withholding tax, we've got some handy info from our CFO on the topic.

article updated 3/7/2023