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Story Published Wednesday 3 February 2021
The new writer portal allows you to register works, access royalty statements and view Earnings Insights

Easy-to-use: Just log in with your email address to get started.

Features available: Register works, access royalty statements, view Earnings Insights, jingles.

Submit Performance Reports in the Writer Portal, get paid quarterly.

Your new Writer Portal is here! We have been hard at work to deliver songwriter and composer members with an improved, easy-to-use Writer Portal for registering works, accessing your royalty statements and greater insight into how your songs earn.

New features will continue to be added to the Writer Portal - we aren’t finished yet! The Writer Portal is a work in progress and we'll be releasing the full functionality over the coming months.

What can you do in the new Writer Portal?

  • Log in using the email address you use for APRA AMCOS correspondence (statements, APRAP) - your email address needs to be unique to your account. No more searching for your member number to log in.
  • View royalties and payments and download financial documents (XLS and PDF)
  • Access your Earnings Insights to see how your songs make money
  • Register and view your works
  • Update your details
  • Submit Performance Reports, get paid quarterly
  • Register and upload jingles and jingle audio (replaces OPUS)
  • Create a Payment Summary for tax and financial purposes

If you're not a member, but want to join

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