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Submit Performance Reports as you go and get paid quarterly

Story Published Friday 16 April 2021
Photo by Jacinta Keefe

Submit Performance Reports on-the-go, all year round via the app or the Writer Portal. No more stressful deadlines!

Get paid more regularly: submit Performance Reports and get paid quarterly, instead of annually.

If you're playing live shows, make sure to submit Performance Reports, so you can get paid.

Playing gigs? We've got news for you.

It’s been way too long between gigs for many of our comminuty. But live music is on its way back, so if you’re out there playing gigs or about to, make sure you are in the mindset of submitting Performance Reports so you can get paid.

No more annual deadline

There is no cut-off date for Performance Reports, you submit them as you like, when it's convenient for you.

Get paid quarterly

Performance Reports royalties will be paid quarterly, per the APRA domestic royalty payment calendar with payments in February, May, August, November.

Two easy ways to submit Performance Reports

APRA AMCOS for Music Creators app

  • Get it for free from the App Store or Google Play
  • Use your email login and password that you use for the Writer Portal
  • Submit current financial year
  • Submit retrospective Performance Reports
  • Submit same venue/same setlists
  • View your submitted Performance Reports
  • Edit/view active (yet to be paid) submissions
  • Venue search
  • Create and save new setlists for submitting
  • Coming soon: share a submission with band mate and/or co-writers and more.

Writer Portal

  • Submit Performance Reports via the new Writer Portal (Have you logged in yet? Log in with the email address you use for APRA AMCOS correspondence for payments, APRAP, invitations, etc.)
  • Submit Performance Reports for performances since 1 July 2020
  • Ability to search from own works as well as APRA's database of works
  • Create a setlist
  • Ability to add an existing Setlist
  • View previous submissions
  • Venue search
  • Submit retrospective Performance Reports

Quick tips

  • Register your works in the app or Writer Portal before submitting Performance Reports
  • Submit Performance Reports if you are playing gigs at pubs, clubs, cafes or other live music venues in Australia and New Zealand. If you perform at an event organised by a promoter, you don't need to submit a Performance Report.
  • Reminder: we fast-tracked the 2020 payment and paid it in May (based on financial year 2018/19 data) in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • For any questions or if you are a new member and haven't done a Performance Report before - don't worry, contact your local Rep with any questions or ask us on Live Chat.

article updated 18 May 2022