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6 top tips for a successful mentorship

Tip Published Wednesday 8 May 2024

Women, non-binary and gender-diverse APRA members : apply for the 23% Mentorship!

Opportunity includes one-on-one guidance with industry pros and a $3,000 honorarium

Applications close Friday 10 May

1. Who can apply?

The 23% Mentorship is for emerging and established women, non-binary and gender-diverse APRA members at a pivotal stage in their career.
14 positions
are open in total – 10 for Australian APRA members and 4 for members located in the UK, Europe and North America

2. What does the mentorship consist of?

This is a three-month mentorship, where you’ll meet with your mentor at least once face-to-face, and an additional 5 meetups (via video, phone, etc). Mentees are paired with an industry pro to receive 1-on-1 guidance.
You’ll also receive a $3000 honorarium to cover any mentorship-related expenses. Plus various alumni gatherings will be held throughout the mentorship!

Sounding good so far? Let’s get to the application.

3. Read through the questions in advance

Give yourself plenty of time to read the application form, and brainstorm your answers first.
The application form is a mix of short (up to 150 words) and long (up to 300 words) answers.

4. Be specific about your mentorship goals

In answering the application questions, be as specific as possible.

According to 2020 mentee Lucy Sugerman, it’s all about “explaining why an opportunity like this is time-sensitive to your career. I really emphasised that I was at a career crossroads, as I'd recently become independent after being signed with a major label (but had not released any music with them).”
Lucy continued, “I explained how the 23% Mentorship would be an effective and necessary way to get industry direction and accountability to myself for my career progression.”

So, whether you’re planning your first EP, touring, or looking for marketing expertise, be specific about what kind of assistance you’re after, and identify the gaps in your current knowledge.

5. Proof read and link check

Be sure to get some help proofreading once you’ve finished your application. If your application includes private links, check their permissions.

Now, looking ahead to the mentorship. How do you make the most of this opportunity?

6. "Prepare questions before every mentorship session"

Lucy suggests preparing questions before every session, to keep on-track with your goals. She continues, “Don’t be afraid to be super proactive with asking questions.”

Lucy says having a list of non-negotiables for your creative work and career is another way to keep yourself on track. For example – owning your masters, or retaining a certain percentage of your music’s revenue.