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VASSY on writing songs, creativity, energy and taking risks

Story Published Tuesday 24 August 2021
VASSY (photo credit: Elia Berthoud)

Originally from Darwin, dance music powerhouse VASSY has made a name for herself around the world.

'CHASE,' her recent collaboration with Aussie producers Bonka went to #1 on the US Mediabase dance radio chart and the ARIA Dance Chart.

VASSY shares her tips on a meaningful collaboration and keeping the creativity coming.

'CHASE' is an all-Aussie collaboration with VASSY, producer duo Bonka (Connor O’Neill and Lachlan Naughton) and David Winnel. The release saw a billboard in the middle of Times Square and a race to the top of the charts both in the US and at home in Australia.

The song was VASSY's seventh #1 Dance chart success in the US. She had a global smash with her David Guetta and Showtek collaboration 'Bad,' which saw her honoured with a place on the 1,000,000,000 List last year.

Always busy, always creating, we asked VASSY about doing it all as an independent artist.

1. Can you tell us a bit about the collaboration with Bonka for your #1 single 'CHASE'?

Yes, we were shut down in the middle of a lockdown here in Los Angeles during the pandemic and I was introduced to the guys.

I presented 'CHASE' to them. I had written it a while ago, I was always finding the right home for it. Bonka and I had instant chemistry and it was nice to work with fellow Aussies, as I am homesick because of the harsh restrictions back in Australia. I've not been able to get back home in a while so it was nice to get some Australian vibes on this project.

2. You have collaborated with the biggest names in Dance music on massive hits. What is the key to a successful collaboration? ?

Don't be precious about the production, be open to everything and all the ideas, try to do what’s best for the song and not just you as an artist. And write a hit!!!

3. How can an emerging songwriter or artist get that first big collaboration? Do you have tips for pitching your music to other collaborators or building up your CV?

I’m not sure I think you just have to build your network or reach out to people that you’d like to work with try to reach out to their management or just slide into the DMs on Instagram (LOL).

4. What are your songwriting thought starters if you are feeling stuck?

It’s tough if I’m stuck. I tend to have to find inspiration from somewhere to get in a pocket -- that’s why collaborating with people is always good to feed off each other’s ideas and energy.

5. As someone who has remained independent and established yourself overseas – what is your advice for other songwriters looking to follow a similar path?

The challenge with making it overseas is you really have to immerse yourself in that culture and world. You essentially have to pick up your life, make a lot of sacrifices and start a new life in that environment.

It’s not easy, you have to be willing to put in the hard work you have to be willing to feel lonely and accept rejections and be OK with knowing that those rejections are simply re-directions to your path.

I only have a plan, I have no Plan B as you will compromise your Plan A. You have to try and figure it out on your own, you can’t rely on others. No handouts, nothing will be given to you... you simply just have to put in the work and the time -- years in fact.

Now, with all the travel restrictions it’s difficult to do this, so the best way is through the Internet, social media, utilise Zoom. I've done several sessions using Zoom via London and it's fun, the most important thing is to stay connected to keep nurturing and building those relationships.

6. Lastly, what's next for VASSY?

Continuing to write and create new works.

Each song at a time it is for me, as I truly enjoy the entire creative process from beginning to end. Releasing them to radio here in America, I have nurtured so many relationships that radio here has now become a home for my work to continue to thrive, blossom and have access to all my fans on a national level.

I'm touring these next few weeks, I have shows in New York at the Marque with Showtek, I was performing at the Academy with them last week, I'm going to Austin next week to perform and Sacramento to perform at the Rainbow Festival. Shows have really picked up now, which is great we are all excited to be out there performing again as everything was shut down for over a year for us over here.

I have missed performing for the fans. They are my number one, the reason I continue to do this...they inspire me every day.

VASSY x Bonka - Chase