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Workplace and sexual harassment in the music industry

Story Published Tuesday 11 May 2021

We acknowledge the results of Dr Jeff Crabtree's ‘Tunesmiths and Toxicity: Workplace Harassment in the Contemporary Music Industries of Australia and New Zealand’ study which investigates the nature and extent of workplace harassment in the contemporary music industry. This research finds that workplace bullying and sexual harassment are widespread, and are perpetrated by patrons, peers and power figures.

The results provide a music industry lens on the experiences and data shared in Kate Jenkins’ groundbreaking 2020 ‘Respect@Work’ report and underscores the importance of our industry collaborating to address these issues in a considered and serious way. The Respect@Work Report provides a robust and comprehensive roadmap for addressing workplace sexual harassment that our industry can draw on and be brave in doing so.

APRA AMCOS wants to be part of a music industry that upholds a high level of professional respect, conduct and integrity, and does not condone any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying. We recognise and accept that we have work to do in this space. To that end, we’ve been working with industry colleagues to start a cross-industry coalition that will be meeting later this month to look at how we partner to address these issues. This work will build on the learnings from our SoundCheck Aotearoa colleagues in New Zealand.

Dr Crabtree’s research will help inform the behaviour and impacts we need to address as an industry, and we will carefully factor it into our approach. A concerted effort across all aspects of our industry is required and we must collaborate to make change happen.

“Dr Crabtree’s research highlights a pattern of appalling behaviour across our industry. It’s a tough read. It’s beyond time to take a zero tolerance position to attitudes and behaviours that are counter to a respectful and safe working environment for all in our industry. We need an overhaul, and agreed standards to create a safe workplace. There have been many working behind the scenes to this end for some time. This research creates an opportunity to galvanise all in our industry into action,” said APRA AMCOS Chief Executive Dean Ormston.

Read Dr Jeff Crabtree's report summary (PDF, 918kb)