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International royalties

Find out how and when APRA AMCOS pays you songwriter royalties earned overseas.

Reciprocal agreements for international royalties

We collect your royalties worldwide through reciprocal agreements with performing and mechanical right societies, just like APRA AMCOS. We have agreements with 70+ countries.

However, when your music is used overseas, it is subject to the laws, distribution rules and policies of each society. Societies are members of the international organisation CISAC and BIEM for mechanical societies, which have agreed standards for distributing royalties.

Flow of song royalties through collecting societies

When do I get paid international royalties?

APRA AMCOS pays you royalties that we collect from international use once a month.

What's an international royalty vs domestic royalty?

Domestic royalties are earned in territories administered by APRA AMCOS. International royalties are earned in territories administered by our International Affiliates.

Find out which territories we manage rights for and who our International Affiliates are.

International royalties can be delayed

Sometimes there can be a significant delay between the performance of your music overseas and the distribution of these royalties to APRA AMCOS. We’ll always pay you as soon as we can.

Payments of international royalties also depend on whether we are affiliated with a collecting society there—so payments aren’t always guaranteed. Get an idea of when you’ll be paid by looking at our International Royalty Distribution Schedule.

View royalty schedule

What you need to tell us

We monitor overseas sources such as TV and radio broadcasts and chart information.

However, if you know your music has been used overseas, let us know ASAP by completing the relevant form. We'll contact the international society to seek royalties for you.

Tell us about overseas tours, the use of your music in film, TV, jingles, and other broadcasts or record releases. This will ensure we can make claims on your behalf and check any incoming royalties.

Earning international royalties in the USA

Most countries only have 1 performing rights organisation (PRO), like APRA in Australia.

In the USA however, there are multiple PROs, and APRA AMCOS has reciprocal agreements with 3: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. If you start to earn royalties in the USA through the live performance or broadcast of your works, one of these PROs will act on behalf of APRA AMCOS to manage your rights. You can choose which one.

Learn more about picking a USA performing rights organisation.

Manufacturing overseas?

Contact AMCOS before getting started.

If you're an AMCOS member and you're planning to have physical formats (CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassette etc.) of an upcoming release manufactured in a country other than Australia or New Zealand, you may be required to pay mechanical royalties before finished goods can be released.

Contact AMCOS as early as possible in the production planning process to discuss your options.