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International royalties

Find out how and when APRA AMCOS pays you songwriter royalties earned overseas.

When do I get paid international royalties?

APRA AMCOS pays you royalties that we collect from international use once a month.

What's an international royalty vs domestic royalty?

Domestic royalties are earned in territories administered by APRA AMCOS. International royalties are earned in territories administered by our International Affiliates.

Find out which territories we manage rights for and who our International Affiliates are.

International royalties can be delayed

Sometimes there can be a significant delay between the performance of your music overseas and the distribution of these royalties to APRA AMCOS. We’ll always pay you as soon as we can.

Payments of international royalties also depend on whether we are affiliated with a collecting society there—so payments aren’t always guaranteed. Get an idea of when you’ll be paid by looking at our International Royalty Distribution Schedule.

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