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Online Mini Licence

Who's this online music licence for?

This licence covers online services earning less than AUD$25,000 a year for each online activity.

If you use copyright music in your download service, streaming service, or podcast, you need a licence for those works. By ‘use’ we mean anything from copying music from one device to another, to providing music for customers to stream or download, and more.

The Online Mini Licence covers you for:

  • On-demand streaming (individual tracks or streaming services)
  • On-demand digital downloads
  • Webcasting
  • Podcasts
  • Entertainment/audiovisual streaming services
  • Backing tracks
  • Karaoke streaming and download services

License my small online business

What this licence doesn't cover

  • Websites that generate over AUD$25,000 per year and/or use more than the maximum amounts listed in the table below.
  • Interactive streaming: where customers can select songs and create and save playlists.
  • Semi-interactive streaming: where listeners can influence playlists but are unable to select individual songs.
  • Video-on-demand: where a user can buy, rent or subscribe to digital movies, television programs and concert films.
  • Synchronisation rights: to create a video or to save a live-streamed performance, synchronisation rights need to be cleared with the publisher first. Then you'll require a licence from APRA AMCOS to make the video available online.

How it works

You pay when you first take out the licence, then once a year after that. Licence fees are renewed and reassessed each year to take into account any changes to the service.

Your licence will continue unless either party terminates it with 3 months notice.

Where does your money go?

The licence fees you pay are distributed in the most economical and accurate way possible. Read about our cost to revenue ratio.

We ask Online Mini Licence holders to provide music reports each quarter. This ensures licence fees are paid as royalties to the correct songwriters and composers. If you're unable to do so, we apply a distribution by analogy.

Want to print this information?

Download your copy of the Online Mini Licence information guide (PDF 446 KB).

This webpage is a guide only. Refer to the licence for full terms and conditions.