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Releasing music

We have a range of licences in place with record labels, streaming services and download providers to pay royalties generated from streams, digital downloads, USB, CDs, Vinyl, DVDs and karaoke to our members.

Releasing your own music online

The licensing requirements for a cover song, or your own published works are determined by the format of release. To make your songs available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play etc., you do not need an APRA AMCOS licence as APRA AMCOS licenses major Digital Service Providers (DSPs) within the territory of Australia & New Zealand. You will require the services of an aggregator to get your music on these services.

Digital aggregators are used to distribute music across a range of DSPs. We aren’t able to recommend an aggregator but for more information on choosing one check out our article here.

If you would like to release songs for streaming or download from your website or Bandcamp page, you will require a Limited Digital Music Service agreement as you are acting as the Digital Service Provider. For more information, please contact us.

If you're a larger label seeking an ongoing agreement for sales to retail either online or over the counter, please get in touch so we can discuss licensing options with you.

Releasing CD, USB, Vinyl or DVD as an artist or smaller label

If you want to release your own physical recording you can take out an Audio Manufacture Licence to cover your use of the musical work.

What does the Audio Manufacture Licence cover?

This licence allows for the reproduction of music for the following purposes:

  • Retail Sale
  • Sale at Performances
  • Demo/audition
  • Background music
  • Educational

This licence does not cover:

  • The use of musical works in advertisements, sampling and lyric changes. You will need permission directly from the copyright owner before you can reproduce the works for these purposes.
  • The copying of sound recordings. Sound recordings are a separate protection under the Copyright Act. You usually need to obtain permission from the record company or recording artist who owns the rights in the recording.

License your release (PDF 338 KB)

If you're using sound recordings controlled by ARIA contact ARIA via email, or phone (02) 8569 1144.

If you're releasing digital covers, contact our digital licensing team.


Joe’s band records an album of 10 tracks. Eight tracks are written by the band and two tracks are covers of another songwriter (an APRA AMCOS member).

Joe and the band decide to produce 500 CDs of the recording and plan to sell each CD for $15 ex GST.

Joe and the band’s audio manufacture licence payment would be: Two covers divided by the 10 total tracks (0.2), multiplied by the $15 RRP, multiplied by 500 units they will produce, multiplied by 6%. Their fee would be $90 (ex GST).

What you need to know before applying for a licence

  • Licence processing can take between three to six weeks depending on the complexity of application.
  • Granting of your licence is dependent on payment of the tax invoice/s and payment options.
  • The Audio Manufacture Licence only applies to physical copies. If you would like to make copyright works available digitally please email our digital team

When you are ready to commence the licence process, after selecting licence application below, right click and select ""Save As"" to save a copy of the document (pdf) to your computer before filling out the application.

License your release (PDF 338 KB)

Direct licensing

Are you a songwriter that either:

  • Has collected royalties directly from an artist, or
  • Wants to waive royalties for any other reason?

You need to complete an Audio Manufacturer Direct Licence form. When a direct deal is in place, this form makes sure we aren't doubling up on collecting royalties. You can then freely deal direct on your share of the work, and other shares of royalties in that work will remain unaffected.

Complete the Direct Licence form (PDF 125 KB)

Where your money goes

The licence fees you pay are distributed in the most economical and accurate way possible. Read about our cost to revenue ratio.

We ask licensees to provide tracklists with all applications. This ensures licence fees are distributed to the correct songwriters and composers.

Want to print this information? Download your copy of the Audio Manufacture Licence information guide (PDF 551 KB).

This webpage is a guide only. Refer to the licence for full terms and conditions.