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Narrowcaster licences

Who's this licence for?

This licence is for radio stations holding an Open Narrowcasting Licence from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). A narrowcast broadcast service targets special interest groups, or is received in a limited location for limited period of time.

We provide three licences for narrowcast radio stations.


Music FM has just confirmed a first transmission date for their 500 watt station in regional NSW. They plan to broadcast 80% music every week. In order to reach listeners across the country, they have decided to simulcast their programs on the website. For the first year, Music FM expect less than 18,000 online listeners per hour.

The broadcast licence fee equals $545.59 minimum fee or 3.5% of their gross earnings for the financial year. In addition, there is a reproduction licence fee of $572.00 and a simulcasting licence fee of $275.00. The total annual licence fee is $1,392.61, which could be higher if the station’s revenue exceeds the minimum fee levels.

Where does your money go?

The licence fees you pay are distributed in the most economical and accurate way possible. Read about our cost to revenue ratio.

As the revenue from the Narrowcast Radio sector is very low and a significant administrative operation for stations to report music, we distribute the licence fees to general radio royalty pools.