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Vale Ron S. Peno, frontman of Died Pretty

Story Published Monday 14 August 2023
Died Pretty's Ron S. Peno (image from the band's Facebook)

Died Pretty frontman Ron S. Peno passed away over the weekend after a long cancer illness. He joined APRA AMCOS in 1984, the same year the band's debut single 'Out of the Unknown' was released. He was also known for his work in The Darling Downs and The Superstitions.

The fourth album from Died Pretty was the critically-acclaimed and widely-revered Doughboy Hollow, which reached the Top 40 and had mainstream radio airplay for the singles 'Sweetheart', 'DC' and 'Godbless'.

Ron collaborated with the band's original guitarist Brett Myers on some of the most memorable songs.

Double J's Caz Tran took a deep dive into the classic album in 2021 and commented, "They saved the alluring drama and intensity of emotion for their songs, a celebration of everyday life from its brightest joys to its darkest observations of humanity."

Ron and co. initially had plans to play Doughboy Hollow live for fans in Melbourne in October, to celebrate the recent release of a 2008 concert album. It is available on streaming services.

Died Pretty - DC

Remembering Louis Tillet

News also emerged today of singer, songwriter, keyboardist and saxophone player Louis Tillet's death at the age of 64. Louis became an APRA AMCOS member in 1984 and was a member of The Wet Taxis as well as a musician in Tex Perkins' band.

His 1995 album, Midnight Rain, won the Rolling Stone Critic’s Award for the Best Album in 1996. A prolific songwriter, his discography is available on Bandcamp.

Louis Tillett - Summer