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Education and Training Providers

What is copyright, and why do I need a licence?

Copyright law in Australia grants exclusive rights to the creators and owners of creative works, including music. Understanding and adhering to copyright law is essential for education and training providers because the use of copyright protected musical works, lyrics and sound recordings without permission, or a licence, can constitute an infringement of copyright.

Music is a unique element in the educational sector as its use is not limited to learning or the classroom. Educational institutions use music in a variety of ways, whether it be playing music at a graduation or other student event, providing background music across campus facilities, live streaming events that include music, or creating training videos with an accompanying soundtrack, all of these activities typically require the consent of copyright owners (that is, a licence).

The Education and Training Providers Music Licence has been developed to provide a simple and comprehensive way for education and training providers to obtain permission to use the vast majority of the world’s music.

Activities covered by the licence

Playing music on campus and at education provider events:

  • Live music performances and background music at your ticketed concerts and events (for example open days and student events) with a ticket price of $40 or less;
  • Live music performances and background music at graduation ceremonies (no ticket price cap)
  • Background music in teaching spaces and around campus, including office and administration areas
  • Telephone on-hold music

Event recordings and audio-visual content:

  • Making recordings of provider events where music is played
  • Including music in audio-visual content for use in courses
  • Sharing event recordings and audio-visual content with students and staff, including via secure online platforms
  • Streaming provider events on your own website and/or posting certain event recordings to websites and social media pages

What do I need to provide?

Education and training providers report their annual enrolment figure and/or their annual full-time equivalent (FTE) student numbers for General courses, along with any MMCAC student numbers, and we will calculate your annual licence fees in accordance with the calculation above.