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Online licences

General use

The Online Mini Licence allows you to use our repertoire online, with just a few restrictions. If the revenue directly related to your service containing music is less than AUD$25,000 per year, and you're not exceeding any duration or copy limits, this is a great low-cost option.

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If your revenue or number of streams/downloads exceeds limits under this licence, or you are using a 3rd party platform, please contact us to discuss other licensing options.

If you're using video or the music use is promotional or brand-associated, you'll likely need permission from the copyright owners first. We can help you find out who to contact.

If you are after Production Music, you may find what you’re after here.

Music streaming & video-on-demand

We have licences in place with music services so that users can have complete choice over the music they consume including defining the order of play and creating playlists.

Free, ad-funded, subscription and transactional video-on-demand services also have licence agreements with us.

If you're planning to stream an event or concert, please check that you’re covered.

User-generated content & social media

If you create your own video with music and want to upload it online, you need permission from the copyright owners. You're using their work in something called "a synchronisation". This applies when the video is pre-recorded to access later on. We can help you find out who to contact.

Synchronisation clearance is required for all videos containing music when uploaded to sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.  Read our frequently asked YouTube questions.

Release your own music online

If you're an artist or small label selling downloads or streaming your own music on your website or a site like Bandcamp, we can help arrange a licence for you. Contact us to find out more.